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MIPP e-Bulletin Issue 41

March 15

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In this Issue:

News and Announcements

LitRes Mobile Library

In The Spotlight

Russian Open Electronic Library Cyberleninka

Changes and Developments

Updates in University Library Online database
Updates in LAN' database

You are welcome to Issue 41 of MIPP e-Bulletin focused on news and developments in the area of Russian Electronic Resources. Please feel free to forward this e-Bulletin on to your colleagues if you find it useful.

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LitRes Mobile Library

Russian ebook platform LitRes currently offers 130 000 licensed ebooks , 6000 audiobooks and 27000 ebooks in open access. The presented genres cover business, educational and old literature, science fiction and fantasy, modern prose, romance novels, detective stories, opinion journalism, etc.


LitRes Mobile Library is a service tailored to libraries. It allows a librarian to issue an ebook to a user to any device with internet access. Mobile platforms iOS, Android, Windows are supported.


How does this service work?

•The library concludes agreement and opens an account and receives the administrator login/password with a list of electronic reader's tickets.

•Entering by the admin data and choosing the required book the librarian has the option to issue this book to the reader by specifying the provided eticket and circulation period for this reader.

•Entering his/her card number at LitRes site or in LitRes mobile application, user can download the book and read it offline within the circulation period.

•After the circulation period the book is automatically deleted from user device and available for free reissuing to other readers.


Payment scheme:

•The library pays only for books chosen by the readers.

•The money for the chosen book is withdrawn only once and the book is available for reissuing to other readers for a year since the first checkout.

•The cost of books varies, on the average it is €1.2. The agreement can be concluded for the period of 6 or 12 months. The price starts from Euro €430.


You are welcome send your orders or questions to MIPP Electronic Resources Department at


Russian Open Electronic Library Cyberleninka

Cyberleninka is a Russian scientific electronic library providing free access to academic publications in the electronic form, which depending on the agreements with the rightholders are uploaded under Creative Commons Attribution license (CC-BY). It was launched in 2012 and over short period of time the scientific online library managed to get in top-50 of world electronic repositories of academic information and take the seventh place in Google Scholar by visibility parameter.


Cyberleninka contains more than 970 000 articles, published in the journals of Russia and FSU states. The publications in the library are available in open access and can be found with the help of popular search systems as well as with the full-text scientific search system at the site. Users are able to read articles from any mobile device with internet access.



Updates in University Library Online database

In the end of 2015 additions to the University Library Online included:

• Publishing house “Sport” offers academic and study materials on sport sciences and all kinds of sport.

• Publishing house Moscow State Academy of Water Transport embraces 344 technical books for specialists in the sphere of sea and river transport.

• The section Periodicals is updated with new journals “Science and Religion” and “Problems of musical science”.

Also the database has been replenished with new books from the publishers: Siberian State Technological University, Siberian State University of Telecommunication and Information science, Institute of problems of economic revival, Saratov State Music Academy named after Sobinov, etc.


Updates in LAN' database

New publisher’s collections have been added at LAN' platform which are:

Research Institute MEI, discipline engineering and technical science contains 157 books on engineering, mathematics, physics, information science, nanotechnologies.

Saratov State Music Academy named after Sobinov, discipline music and theatre contains 97 books.


The list of open access content at the platform can be found here. To get access to these materials the organization should register at LAN' platform.

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