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Eastern Europe questionnaire

Thank you for your interest! We will send you an identification code after your answers are received. You are welcome to use this identification code for an order you place with MIPP International

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1) * Do you currently obtain books from the following countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Republic of Macedonia, Turkey?:
2) If you obtain the books, are you satisfied with your current supplier?:
3) * Publications from which of the below countries you are interested in mostly? (select up to three):
Albania Hungary
Bosnia and Herzegovina Poland
Bulgaria Serbia
Croatia Slovakia
Cyprus Slovenia
Czech Republic Republic of Macedonia
Greece Turkey
4) * What type of materials would you like to obtain?:
Books Online databases
Serials CD/DVD-ROMs
5) What subjects are of interest to you?:
Bibliographies Tradition, Folklore, Ethnography
Geography, Travel Sports, Leisure
Biography, Memoirs Culture, Cultural Relations
History Philosophy, Psychology, Psychoanalysis
Archaeology, Prehistory Sciences
Economy Education, Scholarship
Statistics Religion
Law and Legal History Literature
Politics and Government Theatre
Mass Media Music
Nationalities, Minorities Dance, Ballet
Diaspora outside Eastern Europe Cinema
Society, Daily Life Visual Arts
Demography, Population Architecture
Environment, Ecology Linguistics
Family, Youth, Women Other:
6) * How much you could spend on indicated materials per year?:
up to $1000
more than $10,000
it depends on the publication level
7) * What is your average price expectation for a scholarly, academic level publication?:
up to $25.00
8) * What shipment charges from the indicated above countries per average weighted book you find acceptable?:
less than $1.00
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