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Approval Plan - Save by Doing Less!
The discount starts at 20% (25% for Baltic States) and can go up to 40% off MIPP catalog prices.
All parameters are determined by the Library and may be updated on a regular basis. Each approval plan at MIPP is a combination of unique requirements of each client strictly followed under the supervision of our Customer Service Center
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01/17/2014 Be among the first to browse our new catalog SUB-2014!
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03/22/2019 197 Livres de BIÉLORUSSIE ajoutés
03/21/2019 137 Livres de UKRAINE ajoutés
03/20/2019 0 Livres de BALTIQUE (Estonie) ajoutés
03/14/2019 120 Livres de RUSSIE (Moscou) ajoutés
03/06/2019 44 Livres de RUSSIE (Le Nord) ajoutés
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