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Launch of eLibraryWorld – Russian Academic Journals

MIPP International is pleased to announce the launch of the new site eLibraryWorld (, multi-language platform specially designated for specialists of libraries, universities and study centers, scholars and researchers to get access to electronic versions of Russian academic journals from any part of the world.

eLIBRARY is the largest Russian information portal in the field of science, technology, medicine, and education, which contains abstracts and full texts of over 14 million scientific articles and publications. At the moment the resource comprises full texts and annotations of more than 3000 academic titles in all areas of abstract science, the access to full texts of about 1200 of which is provided upon subscription.

MIPP International, being the official representative of eLIBRARY, provides its sales, marketing and customer services outside the Russian Federation. We invite you to visit our site and register ( to request a trial or get information about the terms of subscription.


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