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Spring into spring with our new subscription catalog!

Our new subscription catalog for the year 2011 is now complete.We decided to reduce waste and make our company greener, so SUB-2011 will be digital only.

Should you like to request free samples of periodicals from CIS, Baltic countries, China and Mongolia, please contact our Customer Service Department.

Click here for your PDF version.

Customer Service Center
MIPP International

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$9.50  $5.50
Dunin-Martsinkevich V.
Izbrannoe. Stikhotvo...
$15.00  $3.00
Movchan I. I.
Davn'o - Kyivs'ka ok...
$23.00  $2.00
Juskevicius A.
Vilnius ir jo apylin...
$2.00  $2.00
Grutups G.
Gadsimta katastrofas...
$11.00  $3.00
Golubeva O.D.
M.A. Korf
$48.00  $24.00
Solomon E.SH. (ed.)
ZHivaia istoriia sem...
$21.00  $10.50
Nigmatullina IU.
Tipy kul'tur i tsivi...
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