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Negotiations with Russian Press Service, Inc.

In the light of recent negotiations, conducted with Russian Press Service representatives, it has been decided that MIPP International will be taking over all the standing orders and Approval Plans of libraries that agree to hand over their business with Russian Press Service. MIPP will be also dealing with orders that have not been fulfilled by Russian Press Service and is discussing the possibility to take over all active susbcriptions libraries have with RPS starting with July 1, 2008.

Please, note that as it is planned, a considerable part of the RPS staff representatives will be assisting MIPP in the transition process, while the selectors you are used to working with will be supporting libraries in the Approval Plan selection process.

We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that MIPP will be using all the Russian Press Service data bases, and this will make the transition process as smooth for libraries as possible, while working with other suppliers will mean dealing with new schemes and new terms of cooperation. Thus, in case of subscriptions MIPP will take care of the payments already made to RPS and will assume liability for all the payments with RPS.

What is more, we can guarantee that libraries that decide to hand over their business with Russian Press Service to MIPP will be offered the same terms of cooperation as they had with RPS and prices not exceeding those they are used to.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us at in case you have any questions or would need more detailed information.

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