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LIBRARY DISCOUNTS: Order More - Spend Less!
Placing orders regularly at MIPP, you automatically participate in our Program of Library Discounts. As soon as your order volume reaches only $300 a month within a 6 months period, you receive a special discount valid for the next 6-months period.
This is a fair policy! There are no obligations on your side, just a wish to increase your book collection by up to 20% for the same money.
The discount is applied to books published in all the regions we supply from: Russia, Central Asia, Belarus, Baltic States, Ukraine, Moldova, China, and Mongolia. The received discount is recalculated twice a year (on July, 1 and on December, 31) according to the following brackets:
• from $300 to $999 - 10% discount
• from $1000 to $2999 - 15% discount
• over $3000 - 20% discount
(please, note that this discount does not apply to periodical publications.)
Take your chance to get your discount - start now! We will be happy to supply you with additional information:
• 5% for prepaid orders
• 10% for each prepaid order over $65.00 (submitted through site) or over $100.00 (submitted via e-mail)
IMPORTANT: the prepayment is made only when books are ready for delivery.
Approval plan discounts Start at 5% and can go up to 20% on subscription catalog prices depending depending on quantity of subscribed publications and region. You can check current prices at MIPP Subscription 2011 catalog.
Approval plan discounts start at 20% (for Baltic States - at 25%) and can go up to 40% on MIPP standard prices depending on scope and volume of blanket order. To read more about various types of approval plans at MIPP, services added etc. please visit out Approval Plan page.
Start from 25% discount on orders of 5 and more copies of a book.
15% discount on the first order for newly registered customers.
Some items on our site are offered at considerably reduced prices: 50% or more off. The prices start from $3.00! To look through sales items, please, check "Show sale items only" at our book search page.
• Shipping charges are not discounted
• Various discounts can not be combined. In case the order is subject to several discounts we always apply the highest one.
• We do not give any further discounts on the sales items.
• Unfortunately, we are not always able to provide discounts on out-of-print books. The situation entirely depends on the efforts and costs involved.


Approval plan

Build Your Collection as a Special One!
Setting up an Approval Plan is still the best way to receive new publications among the first saving both efforts and money. Thanks to our long-term experience, exceptional resources for acquiring books from post-Soviet area and proficiency in collection policies you always receive the books you need and when you need. To the best of our ability we serve the objectives of your collection development and the efficiency of budget distribution.
Having gathered a young enthusiastic team of employees, MIPP is flexible and innovative. In each approval plan we handle there is space for regular update and new formats added.
Approval Plan. How it works.
It is not only how many interesting books you received it is how exactly they match your collection.
From the very beginning all activities on your approval plan will be coordinated by an experienced Approval Manager who will assist on any matter as well as control each shipment sent. All parameters (geographical coverage, languages, subject, prices, number of titles, budget limits, publishers, etc.) are determined by the librarians and may be constantly updated.
Each approval plan at MIPP is a combination of unique requirements of each client which are strictly followed under the supervision of our Customer Service managers.
Your Benefits:
Working on approval, the vendor has at its disposal a number of tools which allow to offer exclusive service:
Newly Published Books Immediately in Your Stock.
A newly published book usually takes a long way to your Library: it is being processed by a vendor, appears in various catalogs which are sent to customers worldwide, needs to be selected and officially ordered etc.
Approval Plan means that as soon as the book matching your profile is published - we will send it to you.
The Priority in receiving Exclusive Rare Publications and Small Print Runs.
Publications of research institutes, nongovernmental organizations, political parties, government documents, etc. do not usually make their way into general offer. Establishing Approval Plan secures you access to a broader book collections of narrow profile and publications with small print runs.
Saving Both Efforts and Money.
This is the way to increase the result without increasing budget. The Discount starts at 20% and can go up to 40% off our standard prices. Saving money goes together with saving immense efforts on catalog review and book selection. MIPP quality and accuracy in choosing the right books for each collection is proved by the lowest return rates throughout the last years.
Yours is the Final Word.
The material is being sent in strict accordance with your requirements. One of our key principles is close attention to developing an individual approval profile indicating both subject and non-subject parameters as well our deep understanding of the peculiarities of each Library we are working with. At the same time, the final decision is made by Library specialists and any book selected as not suitable may be sent back.
Basic Parameters
MIPP International offers publications on approval basis from the following regions:
The approval plan may be narrowed to a certain region, city, publisher, etc. This is your choice to make it geographically as broad or narrow as you need it to be.
You are welcome to chose between two main types of approval plans as well as decide on their combination.
Basic Approval: You automatically receive titles which correspond to your profile requirements with convenient for you time intervals and for designated amount of money;
Notification Approval: After establishing your profile you can review the lists of titles which are selected by our specialists according to your collection needs and make any changes if necessary;
Combination: You establish approval plan which is highly limited to the titles which are of top priority for your library and receive them on approval basis with a large discount. The priority may be given to specific regions, topics, languages, and publishers whatever suits you best. Titles which are less important may be selected on a regular basis from our catalogs and site.
You are welcome to extend your profile from books to periodical publications, CD/DVD-ROMs, maps, and other media. Any new formats will be added immediately on your request.
MARC records
We provide MARC records free of charge for our approval plan customers. The records conform to the latest standards and updates and can be adjusted according to your specific requirements: field set, format of bibliographic records, ordering system, call numbers, subject list, etc. We do believe that this service will save your staff many efforts when processing new acquisitions.
There are no thematic limits
The thematic profile may be as detailed as you feel it should be. Joint efforts of professional Librarians and our specialists result in developing perfect profiles which serve best to the objectives of Library collection development and help us to supply only titles which suit you.
While working out your Approval profile we may stick either to MIPP Standard Subject classification or to Library of Congress subject classification or to any other format used in your Library.
Approval first!
There are publications which are of real value to Libraries but their quantity is limited. You can be sure that your approval plan has a reserved copy.
Any questions should be sent to
Please read our latest brochure on MIPP approval plan services. You can also download the PDF to your machine for later viewing.

To open the PDF, you'll need Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. To download Acrobat Reader click .
To learn how to configure your browser for viewing PDF files, see the Adobe Reader tech support page.



MIPP International, a world-known vendor of books and periodicals from post-Soviet countries, would like to offer you the unparalleled possibilities to purchase books from even the REMOTEST PARTS OF THE EX-USSR for low prices. Searching for every item, keeping our promises and outstanding personal service are at the core of our business philosophy. Among our regular clients are more than 400 libraries and 800 individuals as well as world-known book suppliers: Russian Press Service, Kubon&Sagner, Rustica, etc.
Currently we supply books from following countries:
• Russia (any region from Moscow and St.Petersburg to Khabarovsk and Vladivostok) - over 30 permanent representatives in major publishing and scientific centers
• Baltic countries (Estonia,Latvia,Lithuania) - 12 years of work experience in the region
• Belarus - 99.9% of orders fulfilled.
• Ukraine (from Kyiv to Simferopol' and from L'viv to Kharkiv)
• Moldova and Transdniestria, Romania - new and rapidly growing regions.
• Transcaucasia (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia)
• Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan) - leading supplier of publications from the area.
• Mongolia
and we are constantly extending our vendor network.
We have recently established a new program for booksellers that should cut your expenses and increase the scope of the publications offered to your customers. We can supply you with almost any book from post-Soviet area with a dealer discount starting from 20%. We can even start shipping the publications your clients want directly to them on your behalf, considerably decreasing time and money needed for orders processing with the same discount.
We know time and reputation are valuable. We can take the time and processing abilities you may lack and fulfill your customers' orders. With MIPP International you (and your customers) can enjoy the highest level of service, wider range of titles and fewer failed orders with less effort from your side. Please, take a look at what we offer:
• Discounts starting from 20%
• Flexible system of approval plans in strict accordance with your requirements (topic, city, institution, publisher, language, etc.)
• Easing the burden - over 10 years we have established a reliable delivery system. We can offer sending orders directly to your customers all over the world from our dispatching units located in major cities of ex-USSR, thus saving your time, your efforts, and your money.
All your questions and comments are highly appreciated. We would be glad to discuss any further details of cooperation and provide you with additional information. Please contact us at



Integrum represents the most comprehensive electronic archive of the most authoritative sources of information on Russia and the CIS countries.
Nowadays Integrum contains about 400 million documents in more than 5000 databases which include full-text versions of central and regional newspapers and magazines, teletypes of more than 400 information agencies, analytical and statistical bulletins, texts of laws and decrees, addresses and phones databases, full texts of Russian classic literary works. Moreover, the researchers can find information from the libraries of Rospatent, INION RAN, Agroprom, Russian State Archive of Literature and Art, Russian Book Chamber, Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology.
Integrum is not only the unique collection of the databases, but a set of professional search and analytical tools for the Russian mass media monitoring and the research of political, economic aspects of life in Russia and the CIS countries. The most popular Integrum services and tools which present a huge range of possibilities for the researchers of Russian mass media are Teletype, People today, Who? Where? When?, Comparative and Relative statistics.
To receive more detailed information on the Integrum services, as well as the subscription options, or free trial access, please contact MIPP Electronic Resources Department at

Legislation of CIS Countries

"Legislation of CIS Countries" is an electronic law database, containing legal documents and legislations of 11 post-Soviet countries: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine, plus special section - "Foreign Affairs".
Main topics:
• State system
• Civil legislation
• Budget, tax, currency, banking legislations
• Customs. Foreign economic activities
• Business activity
• Legislation about particular business activities
• Land laws. Environmental Law
• Social legislation. Education. Science. Culture. Sport. Tourism.
• Information. Infomatization
• Arbitral Justice
• Administrative responsibility
• Criminal law. Execution of punishments
• Justice
• Public prosecution. Organs of justice. Notariat. Advocacy. Legal assistance
• National Security law. Maintenance of a public order
• International Law. Foreign affairs
Foreign Affairs section:
• CIS countries cooperation
• Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)
• Custom Union
• Eurasian Economic Community (EurAsEC)
• Union of Russia and Belarus
• Shangai Cooperation Organization(SCO)
• The Organization of Central Asian Cooperation (OCAC)
• Collective Security treaty Organization
*All documents in the database are in the Russian language.
For more information about "Legislation of CIS Countries" and subscription options, please, contact us at

Russian eBooks from University Library Online

MIPP International is glad to offer access to Russian e-books from University Library Online at
The platform provides an exciting range of e-books and other online products suitable for colleges and universities, students and scholars specialized in Russia and Russian language.
University Library Online contains more than 20,000 e-books on Literature, History, Philosophy, Social Sciences, Culture, Arts, and Religion. Here you will find Russian Classics, Study books, Encyclopedias, old and modern books, maps, illustrations, dictionaries and other useful information for those who are interested in the Russian language, literature, culture, politics and economics. All documents in the database are in Russian.
The most popular subject resources:
• Russian Literature from the 11th to the beginning of the 20th cc. (more than 10 000 ebooks)
• Library of Russian Classics (multivolume collections of Russian writers, philosophers)
• Russian Philosophy (includes 132 Russian philosophers, 1 000 ebooks)
• History (Russian Historians, 1 000 ebooks)
• Social Sciences
• Culture
• Economics
• Religious Education
• Law
• Political Sciences
• Online Lexica and Encyclopedias (full archive of Soviet Encyclopedia)
• Interactive Maps on History and Geography
All e-books presented at University Library Online are distributed on the basis of contracts with copyright holders.
The database is constantly replenished. More than 3000 new e-books are added to the database every year which does not require additional fee to your subscription.
We offer Unlimited IP-authorized page-by-page access to all resources at University Library Online at The cost of subscription varies from $1900 to $6400 a year depending on the number of simultaneous users within your library. The access is valid not only from local network computers, but also from home computers of the members of the organization.
If you are interested in our offer, we would be glad to provide you with 1-Month free trial access to University Library Online as soon as you send us a list of your IP addresses.
For more detailed information about University Library Online subscription options, please, contact MIPP Electronic Resources Department at

The Digital Dissertation Library of the Russian State Library

The Digital Dissertation Library of the Russian State Library ( represents a leading resource for science and education containing full text dissertations defended within the territory of the Russian Federation and the former USSR (Post ? Soviet space).
At present the collection of The Digital Dissertation Library of the Russian State Library(DDL RSL) comprises over 550,000 full texts of dissertations and their abstracts in different fields of scientific knowledge, such as Physics and Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Technology, Philology, Philosophy, Economics, Law ? together with works in Architecture, Art, Medicine, Pharmacy and many others.
The collection is continuously expanded with more than 30,000 dissertations and abstracts added annually.
The catalogue of the DDL RSL is ( is available in open access for every user.
By subscribing to the database DDL RSL researchers all over the world get legal access to the most comprehensive electronic collection of dissertations defended in Russia. Meanwhile, integrated platform, easy navigation and advanced search facilitate the process of collecting data through different disciplines.
Grab the opportunity to enrich your knowledge referring to experience stored by decades!
To receive more detailed information on the resource DDL RSL please contact Electronic Resources Department of MIPP International at


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