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Placing your order

Link "Buy" or button "Add to Cart" sends the selected item to your shopping cart for online ordering. You can always view your current order by pressing "My Cart" button on every page of our site. An additional list of most interesting titles is supported through "My Bookshelf" option. We save all titles added to bookshelf in your profile and you can easily return to viewing them later. Titles from your bookshelf can be sent to your cart with one mouse-click. Submitting your online order involves three simple steps:
• Step 1 - Remove any of the added items or change the number of copies needed. Libraries can fill in order numbers and budjet numbers at this page.
• Step 2 - Enter shipping information and choose payment method. Registered users are automatically directed to order confirmation and do not need to bother about submitting their shipping address every time they order or subscribe.
• Step 3 - Confirm your order. You can view all information about your order including discounts applied and shipping charges.
If you prefer not to order online, please contact us at or by:
fax: +1 718 743 5049
mail: MIPP International, 150 Corbin Place #2A, Brooklyn NY 11235 USA
In case you can not find the book you need on our site, please send your request to or use our Books on Demand page. The search for titles not presented in our catalogs or on our site is free!

Subscribing to serials

There are two types of periodical publications in our database:
• Irregular - titles sold mostly on issue-by-issue basis.
• Regular - titles available for subscription.
In most cases we are able to start and cease your subscription on quarterly basis.We are always ready to locate a back issue for you. If you need the periodical issues published in previous years, please send the request to


Availability of books

You can see the availability status of the book you are interested in and estimate the approximate time of delivery. Please note that weekends and holidays are not included into dispatching periods.
• In stock (instant dispatch) - the book is in stock at the Main Processing Center and usually is dispatched within 24 working hours after receiving your order.
• In regional stock - the book is in stock and will be sent directly from our Regional Office within 2 or 3 days after receiving your order. However some of the books should be delivered to the Main Processing Center to dispatch. Usually books not available for immediate dispatch are shipped to you within 2-3 weeks.
• Available to be ordered - the item is available, but currently out of stock. We will obtain it from the publisher or through our acquisition network. The dispatch period may significantly vary depending on the region and the publisher. Thus, an average dispatch time for a book from Moscow is within 2-3 weeks, from Belarus - 2-3 days. If the book is coming from farther regions or is temporally out of stock in local stores the procedure may take much longer and we will inform you as soon as we know the situation.
Our Customer Service Center will keep you informed on how the search is going on. Please contact us at to receive current information on your order status.


Status of book orders

Registered users can see the list of ordered titles in their profile. The status of each title is described by the following remarks:
• Searching - your order is being processed and confirmed by a letter or an e-mail to your address.
• Ready - the title ordered is in stock and is ready to be shipped.
• Sent - the title has already been shipped to your address.


Status of serial subscriptions

Registered users can view the list of orders on serial publications with indication of the last volume sent.

How to cancel

Please, send your cancellations at We do not accept cancellations on hard-to-find books ordered from the sources other than our catalogs or site in case they have been already obtained.


Refunds and returns

Please send all the publications you would like to return to:
MIPP International
150 Corbin Place #2A, Brooklyn
NY 11235 USA
We will issue a Credit Memo on the amount of received payments for the items returned. You can use our Credit Memos to offset future payments with MIPP International. Payments made by credit cards will be simply refunded.
• If you would like to return any publications please delete charges for them from our invoice and pay the remaining balance (including shipping costs for items returned).
• Please return publications within 14 days after receiving our shipment. All items returned should be in good condition, except for the items returned due to damage.
• Titles ordered from the sources other than our catalogs or site are not returnable.


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 CSP request object inspector

This page inspects CSP server side objects when a request is processed. It shows all the public properties of %request, %session and %response objects, as well as tables of queries, CGI variables, cookies and streams stored inside %request object.

Cache Objects Version 5.0.6305.0
Running on Cache for UNIX (Linux Intel/32-bit) 5.0.20 (Build 6305U) Fri Sep 16 2005 12:47:51 EDT
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%request Properties

Property Contents
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Queries - These are the name-value pairs from the URL or form post

Name Index Value Encrypted
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CGI Variables

Name Value
HTTP_ACCEPT text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,*/*;q=0.8
SERVER_SOFTWARE Apache/2.2.3 (CentOS) Cache-Server-Pages-NSD/5.0.6305.0-662.824a


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%session Properties

Property Contents
AppTimeout 900
BrokerImplementation 1
CSPSessionCookie 02w0000000083vxvjd1k001711112469
CookiePath /
Debug 0
EndSession 0
EventClass Main.MyEvent
LicenseId 3vxvjd1k00
Namespace SITE
NewSession 0
Preserve 0
SessionId 3vxvjd1k00
UseSessionCookie 0

Session Data

Name Value
%session.Data("DirLanguage") /InetPub/NEWSITE/language
%session.Data("Host") 5009292
%session.Data("IPID") 5009292
%session.Data("MainURL") /Page.Help.cls
%session.Data("SQL") select BOOKS from BOOKS.Sales
%session.Data("SortBy") DESC
%session.Data("SortOn") BOOKS->KodRegion->Name
%session.Data("Type") Books
%session.Data("VCart") new
%session.Data("countrecord") 12955
%session.Data("currentrecord") 10
%session.Data("currentrecordnew") 0
%session.Data("currentrecordnews") 0
%session.Data("group","BALTICS") $LB(2,BALTICS)
%session.Data("group","BELARUS") $LB(3,BELARUS)
%session.Data("group","CENTRAL ASIA") $LB(7,CENTRAL ASIA)
%session.Data("group","MIDDLE EAST") $LB(61,MIDDLE EAST)
%session.Data("group","MOLDOVA-ROMANIA") $LB(6,MOLDOVA-ROMANIA)
%session.Data("group","Other") $LB(11,Other)
%session.Data("group","RUSSIA") $LB(9,RUSSIA)
%session.Data("group","SOUTHEAST ASIA") $LB(63,SOUTHEAST ASIA)
%session.Data("group","TRANSCAUCASIA") $LB(1,TRANSCAUCASIA)
%session.Data("group","UKRAINE") $LB(5,UKRAINE)
%session.Data("language") en
%session.Data("maxrow") 10
%session.Data("previous") /Page.BResult.cls?SortOn=BOOKS->KodRegion->Name&Type=Books
%session.Data("region","Armenia") $LB(7,Armenia)
%session.Data("region","Azerbaijan") $LB(19,Azerbaijan)
%session.Data("region","Caucasus") $LB(10,Caucasus)
%session.Data("region","Central Russia") $LB(14,Central Russia)
%session.Data("region","China") $LB(32,China)
%session.Data("region","Eastern Siberia") $LB(11,Eastern Siberia)
%session.Data("region","Estonia") $LB(6,Estonia)
%session.Data("region","Far East") $LB(15,Far East)
%session.Data("region","Georgia") $LB(20,Georgia)
%session.Data("region","Kazakhstan") $LB(26,Kazakhstan)
%session.Data("region","Kyrgyzstan") $LB(25,Kyrgyzstan)
%session.Data("region","Latvia") $LB(5,Latvia)
%session.Data("region","Lithuania") $LB(4,Lithuania)
%session.Data("region","Mongolia") $LB(33,Mongolia)
%session.Data("region","Moscow") $LB(13,Moscow)
%session.Data("region","St.Petersburg") $LB(8,St.Petersburg)
%session.Data("region","Tajikistan") $LB(27,Tajikistan)
%session.Data("region","The North") $LB(16,The North)
%session.Data("region","The Urals") $LB(17,The Urals)
%session.Data("region","Turkmenistan") $LB(28,Turkmenistan)
%session.Data("region","Uzbekistan") $LB(29,Uzbekistan)
%session.Data("region","Volga") $LB(12,Volga)
%session.Data("region","Western Siberia") $LB(18,Western Siberia)
%session.Data("resultid") 218344
%session.Data("transcript") 1
%session.Data("typecat") email

%response Properties

Property Contents
ContentType text/html
Expires Thu, 29 Oct 1998 17:04:19 GMT
HTTPVersion HTTP/1.1
InProgress 1
NoCharSetConvert 0
Redirect Page.News.cls
Status 200 OK
TraceDump 0
UseASPredirect 0