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Orders and Subscriptions Status

As a registered user you are able to keep track of your orders online.
• How many books you have ordered so far?
• What books are available right now?
• How many subscriptions are active now?
• Which issues of your particular subscription have been sent last?
You will have access to this valuable information any time you enter your account.
If you are not registered, but still need this kind of information, just send us e-mail and you will receive an answer within 48 hours.


Full support of National Languages at our site gives you an opportunity of flexible customization of transliteration table! The default list of available transliterations includes:
Simplified Transliteration includes no letters with diacritical marks. Instead of these symbols Latin alphabet letters are used. It is the default way of information output on our site.
Library of Congress (LoC) Transliteration is based on the principle of replacing non-Latin symbols with Latin letters with diacritical marks.
Unicode is the most accurate information output mode. It presents unique characters used in national languages. However, you need the Unicode support installed in your browser.
German, based on RAK standards.
Let us know which standards of transliteration are used in your library and we will add the necessary table to provide you with the opportunity to view our records in accordance with your specific requirements!


Interface Language

We provide support for several interface languages. The English language is used as the default one.



In order to facilitate your library's work with MIPP International we can present our catalogue data in MARC 21 format transliterated according to the Library of Congress (LoC) standards. You can see these records on-line on our site or you can receive the records free of charge on disc, paper or via email. The records conform to the latest standards and updates. We will provide the records in full compatibility with your requirements: field set, format of bibliographic records, ordering system, call numbers, subject list, etc.


Vernacular Language Support

Now we are able to present records not only in Russian, but also in original Armenian, Azeri, Belarusian, Estonian, Georgian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Latvian, Lithuanian, Tajik, Turkmenian, and Ukrainian languages in our printed and e-mail catalogs.
Unicode is the most accurate information output mode. It presents unique characters used in national alphabets. Implementing of UNICODE symbols provided us with characters for all national languages. It means:
• providing authors' names and titles of books in national alphabets;
• making correct transliteration of all national bibliographical records;
• supporting Library of Congress romanization in our catalogs and on our web-site;
• supporting any transliteration table of your choice (DIN, GOST, ISO, UNI etc.).
Note: You need the Unicode support installed in your browser to view our records in the vernacular languages.


My Bookshelf

An additional list of the most interesting titles is supported through "My Bookshelf" option. We save all titles added to bookshelf in your profile and you can easily return to viewing them later. Titles from your bookshelf can be sent to your cart with one mouse-click.


List of publication recently viewed

The last 10 items you have viewed are automatically saved in your profile.


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