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База данных MIPP

Наша база данных содержит более 38000 записей и постоянно растет. Вы в том числе способствуете увеличению нашей базы данных, если заказываете книги, которых у нас нет. Мы организуем дополнительный поиск, и в случае успеха эти книги появляются у нас на сайте.
Мы также принимаем заказы на недостающие выпуски периодических изданий: наши специалисты сделают все возможное, чтобы поставить не только текущие выпуски, но и найти для Вас предыдущие тома.
Расширенный поиск у нас на сайте прост и эффективен. Вы можете осуществлять поиск по разным критериям: название на национальном языке, ISBN, автор и т.д. К примеру, если Вы не знаете точное название книги в оригинале, попробуйте поискать по английскому переводу названия (достаточно ввести одно наиболее вероятное слово) и в большинстве случаев Вы найдете необходимую Вам книгу среди полученных вариантов.


Чтобы сделать поиск по регионам более удобным, в списке, приведенном ниже, некоторые страны бывшего Советского Союза объединены в более крупные регионы по географическому признаку (например, Центральная Азия или страны Балтии). В то же время некоторые страны - Беларусь, Молдова, Румыния, Украина - представлены как самостоятельные единицы.
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 CSP request object inspector

This page inspects CSP server side objects when a request is processed. It shows all the public properties of %request, %session and %response objects, as well as tables of queries, CGI variables, cookies and streams stored inside %request object.

Cache Objects Version 5.0.6305.0
Running on Cache for UNIX (Linux Intel/32-bit) 5.0.20 (Build 6305U) Fri Sep 16 2005 12:47:51 EDT
This CSP request is running in the namespace SITE
The process that served this request has ID 7871

%request Properties

Property Contents
CSPGatewayRequest 1
CharSet utf-8
GatewayApplication /
GatewayConnectionName LOCAL
Method GET
PageName Main.MyError.cls
Protocol HTTP/1.1
Secure 0
URL /Main.MyError.cls
UserAgent CCBot/2.0 (https://commoncrawl.org/faq/)

Queries - These are the name-value pairs from the URL or form post

Name Index Value Encrypted
Error:$ZE 1 <SUBSCRIPT>zGetRegionforBook+68^Util.Util.4 No
Error:Class 1 Page.Help No
Error:ContentType 1 text/html No
Error:ErrorCode 1 0 5\x01\x04\x04Š\x13-\x01<SUBSCRIPT>zGetRegionforBook+68^Util.Util.4\x01\x01 No
Error:ErrorNumber 1 5002 No
Error:Namespace 1 SITE No
Error:PageName 1 Page.Help.cls No
Error:ResponseCharSet 1 utf-8 No
Error:ResponseContentType 1 text/html No
Error:ResponseStatus 1 200 OK No
Error:URL 1 /Page.Help.cls No
logoff 1 1 No
urlhelp 1 aboutsearch No

CGI Variables

Name Value
HTTP_ACCEPT text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,*/*;q=0.8
HTTP_USER_AGENT CCBot/2.0 (https://commoncrawl.org/faq/)
SERVER_NAME www.mippbooks.com
SERVER_SOFTWARE Apache/2.2.3 (CentOS) Cache-Server-Pages-NSD/5.0.6305.0-662.824a


Name Value


NameSize ContentType Section Class

%session Properties

Property Contents
AppTimeout 900
BrokerImplementation 1
CSPSessionCookie 01a00000000641oa9c5B000834916398
CookiePath /
Debug 0
EndSession 0
EventClass Main.MyEvent
LicenseId 41oa9c5B00
Namespace SITE
NewSession 0
Preserve 0
SessionId 41oa9c5B00
UseSessionCookie 0

Session Data

Name Value
%session.Data("BOOKS.Home","Count",1,174516) $LB($44.10)
%session.Data("BOOKS.Home","Count",1,175990) $LB($115.00)
%session.Data("BOOKS.Since","Count",0,10) $LB(Integrum database services represent the expansive electronic archive of Russian and CIS mass media. The collection covers newspapers, magazines, teletypes of information agencies, analytical and statistical bulletins, texts of laws and decrees and much more. <br>\r\nGrasp an opportunity to have a free trial access to Integrum databases. For more information contact |<b>MIPP Electronic Resources Department!</b>|\r\n,Integrum database - take a free trial now!,mailto:eresources@mippbooks.com)
%session.Data("BOOKS.Since","Count",0,11) $LB(ACADEMIC STUDIES PRESS – an American publishing company specializing in Jewish and Slavic studies. MIPP International distributes all the publications of ACADEMIC STUDIES PRESS at publisher’s price. We would be happy to receive your orders at order@mippbooks.com. <br>\r\n|<b>Check the latest SLAVIC catalog!</b>|\r\n,New Catalogs from Academic Studies Press!,/doc/Academic_studies_press_catalog2010_SLAVIC.pdf)
%session.Data("BOOKS.Since","Count",0,16) $LB(MIPP International offers institutional subscription to <b> Russian eBooks Art and Cultural Studies Subject Collections</b> of University Library Online at the special discounted price - 990$ per year. <b>|The offer is valid till February 15, 2012. |</b> \r\n,Art and Culture ebooks collections from BIBLIOCLUB,http://www.mippbooks.com/doc/eresource/ART_MIPP_eCatalog_2012_noname.html#db2)
%session.Data("BOOKS.Since","Count",0,17) $LB(<br>Send your order on the database until January 31, 2012 and receive the full access to the most comprehensive electronic collection of Russian dissertations with 15% discount at $4505 per year! </br>|Details| ,Special offer on Russian Dissertations,mailto:eresources@mippbooks.com)
%session.Data("BOOKS.Since","Count",0,18) $LB(Institutional subscription to 145 academic journals on <b>Humanities and Social Sciences </b> is available at eLibrary.ru platform on an annual basis. The collection offers broad coverage of subjects such as Literature and Linguistics, Art and Culture, History, Social Sciences, Religion, and more.\r\nThis package features prominent Russian journals such as “Voprosy kul’turologii” and “Rossiia i sovremennyi mir” (2007-2012), “Sibirskii filologicheskii zhurnal” , “Literaturovedcheskii zhurnal” and “Zhivaia starina” (2008-2012), “Voenno-istoricheskii zhurnal” (2009-2012) and more. For more information contact |<b>MIPP Electronic Resources Department!</b>|,eLIBRARY Humanities and Social Sciences Collection,mailto:eresources@mippbooks.com)
%session.Data("BOOKS.Since","Count",1,8) $LB(The discount starts at 20% (25% for Baltic States) and can go up to <b>40%</b> off MIPP catalog prices.<br>\r\nAll parameters are determined by the Library and may be updated on a regular basis. Each approval plan at MIPP is a combination of unique requirements of each client strictly followed under the supervision of our <a href="mailto:custserv@mippbooks.com" class="d">Customer Service Center</a><br>\r\n|<b>More information here</b>|,Approval Plan - Save by Doing Less!,Page.Help.cls?urlhelp=termshelp#terms2)
%session.Data("BOOKS.Since","Count",1,9) $LB(ACADEMIC STUDIES PRESS – an American publishing company specializing in Jewish and Slavic studies. MIPP International distributes all the publications of ACADEMIC STUDIES PRESS at publisher’s price. We would be happy to receive your orders at order@mippbooks.com. <br>\r\n|<b>Check the latest JEWISH catalog!</b>|\r\n,New Catalogs from Academic Studies Press! ,/doc/Academic_studies_press_catalog2010_JEWISH.pdf)
%session.Data("BOOKS.Since","Count",1,14) $LB(<br>MIPP International and eLIBRARY.RU have recently announced a subscription 2012 to 34 journals on Literature and Linguistics </b> from the authoritative Russian publishers.|DETAILS|.,Academic journals from eLIBRARY.RU,/doc/MIPP_eCatalog_LingLit_pdf.pdf)
%session.Data("DirLanguage") /InetPub/NEWSITE/language
%session.Data("Host") 1673882
%session.Data("MainURL") /Page.Help.cls
%session.Data("SortOn") BOOKS
%session.Data("Type") Books
%session.Data("VCart") bookshelf
%session.Data("countrecordnew") 35
%session.Data("countrecordnews") 35
%session.Data("currentrecordnew") 0
%session.Data("currentrecordnews") 0
%session.Data("group","AFRICA") $LB(60,AFRICA)
%session.Data("group","ASIA") $LB(8,ASIA)
%session.Data("group","BALTICS") $LB(2,BALTICS)
%session.Data("group","BELARUS") $LB(3,BELARUS)
%session.Data("group","CENTRAL ASIA") $LB(7,CENTRAL ASIA)
%session.Data("group","EASTERN EUROPE") $LB(4,EASTERN EUROPE)
%session.Data("group","MIDDLE EAST") $LB(61,MIDDLE EAST)
%session.Data("group","MOLDOVA-ROMANIA") $LB(6,MOLDOVA-ROMANIA)
%session.Data("group","Other") $LB(11,Other)
%session.Data("group","RUSSIA") $LB(9,RUSSIA)
%session.Data("group","SOUTH ASIA") $LB(62,SOUTH ASIA)
%session.Data("group","TRANSCAUCASIA") $LB(1,TRANSCAUCASIA)
%session.Data("language") ru
%session.Data("maxrow") 10
%session.Data("maxrownew") 5
%session.Data("maxrownews") 14
%session.Data("mytype") news
%session.Data("region","Somalia") $LB(98,Somalia)
%session.Data("region","South Africa") $LB(81,South Africa)
%session.Data("region","Tanzania") $LB(90,Tanzania)
%session.Data("region","Uganda") $LB(96,Uganda)
%session.Data("region","Zimbabwe") $LB(93,Zimbabwe)
%session.Data("region","Ñëîâåíèÿ") $LB(52,Ñëîâåíèÿ)
%session.Data("region","Албания") $LB(62,Албания)
%session.Data("region","Болгария") $LB(53,Болгария)
%session.Data("region","Босния и Герцеговина ") $LB(61,Босния и Герцеговина )
%session.Data("region","Волга") $LB(12,Волга)
%session.Data("region","Восточная Сибирь") $LB(11,Восточная Сибирь)
%session.Data("region","Германия") $LB(57,Германия)
%session.Data("region","Дальний Восток") $LB(15,Дальний Восток)
%session.Data("region","Египет") $LB(84,Египет)
%session.Data("region","Западная Сибирь") $LB(18,Западная Сибирь)
%session.Data("region","Израиль") $LB(49,Израиль)
%session.Data("region","Иран") $LB(34,Иран)
%session.Data("region","Кавказ") $LB(10,Кавказ)
%session.Data("region","Казахстан") $LB(26,Казахстан)
%session.Data("region","Камерун") $LB(89,Камерун)
%session.Data("region","Кения") $LB(88,Кения)
%session.Data("region","Китай") $LB(32,Китай)
%session.Data("region","Кыргызстан") $LB(25,Кыргызстан)
%session.Data("region","Латвия") $LB(5,Латвия)
%session.Data("region","Ливан") $LB(71,Ливан)
%session.Data("region","Литва") $LB(4,Литва)
%session.Data("region","Македония") $LB(60,Македония)
%session.Data("region","Малави") $LB(97,Малави)
%session.Data("region","Марокко") $LB(79,Марокко)
%session.Data("region","Монголия") $LB(33,Монголия)
%session.Data("region","Москва") $LB(13,Москва)
%session.Data("region","Мьянма") $LB(68,Мьянма)
%session.Data("region","Нигерия") $LB(95,Нигерия)
%session.Data("region","Польша") $LB(30,Польша)
%session.Data("region","США") $LB(47,США)
%session.Data("region","Санкт-Петербург") $LB(8,Санкт-Петербург)
%session.Data("region","Север") $LB(16,Север)
%session.Data("region","Сенегал") $LB(91,Сенегал)
%session.Data("region","Сербия") $LB(37,Сербия)
%session.Data("region","Сингапур") $LB(69,Сингапур)
%session.Data("region","Словакия") $LB(59,Словакия)
%session.Data("region","Таджикистан") $LB(27,Таджикистан)
%session.Data("region","Туркменистан") $LB(28,Туркменистан)
%session.Data("region","Узбекистан") $LB(29,Узбекистан)
%session.Data("region","Урал") $LB(17,Урал)
%session.Data("region","Центральная Россия") $LB(14,Центральная Россия)
%session.Data("region","Чешская республика") $LB(54,Чешская республика)
%session.Data("region","Эстония") $LB(6,Эстония)
%session.Data("region","Эфиопия") $LB(99,Эфиопия)
%session.Data("transcript") 1

%response Properties

Property Contents
ContentType text/html
Expires Thu, 29 Oct 1998 17:04:19 GMT
HTTPVersion HTTP/1.1
InProgress 1
NoCharSetConvert 0
Redirect Page.News.cls
Status 200 OK
TraceDump 0
UseASPredirect 0