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Ivanov N.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9786191881536.
Recent research into government archives has unraveled the mystery about the place where Bulgaria's Apostle of Libery, Vassil Levski (1837-1873), was ...

Raichevski S.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9789540911502.
The book presents facts and documents about a not-so-well-known period in the history of Bulgarian population movements: the period of World War II an...

Kosev K.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9789540912035.
The book introduces readers to the extraordinary personality of the great Bulgarian writer and revolutionary Lyuben Karavelov (1834-1879). He was extr...

Anchev P.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9789540912042.
The national mind is a collective mind. It functions through many different individuals. They usually live separately from one another but they live t...

Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9786192330033.
This is a collection of papers from a scientific conference hosted by New Bulgarian University in Sofia in May 2017. The conference heard a report on ...

D-r Gancho TSenov.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9789545783463.
The author refutes the view that the Bulgars were a handful of people who followed their leader Asparuh from the Ural Mountains and settled in a small...

Rusanov L.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9789546609267.
This is an analysis of Bulgaria's liberation from Ottoman rule as a result of the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878. The author says liberation did not h...

KHristov I.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9789540912271.
Much has been written about Bulgaria's transition to democracy and a market economy after the collapse of communism in 1989. According to some authors...

Radichkov I.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9786199093405.
A novel by Yordan Radichkov (1929-2004), arguably the most significant voice of Bulgarian literature in the last third of the 20th century. The villag...

Terziiski K.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9786192201135.
A novel by contemporary Bulgarian author Kalin Terziyski, winner of the 2011 European Union Prize for Literature. If you think that Terziyski is a goo...
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Domanovskii A.
Zagadki istorii. Mezhdurech'.
Kunicki K., Lawecki T.
Budujemy druga Polske.
Krautsevich A., Tokts' S., SHalanda A. (ed.)
Haradzenski hadavik .
Zarev V.
Solov'ev S.A.
Te, s kotorymi ia...
Lis W.
Polacy na Litwie.

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