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Juzuu la Pili.
Dar es Salaam: 2017. ISBN 9789987083268.
This is the second collection of poems that were entered for the Ebrahim Hussein poetry prize for 2015/2016. The late Gerald Belkin, film director, wh...

Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Philipp Kruse, Walter Bgoya.
Dar es Salaam: 2010. ISBN 9789987080359.
This is the first translation into Swahili of one of the classics of world literature, Le Petit Prince, first published in 1946 by Editions Gallimard ...

Athumani B. Mauya.
Dar es Salaam: 2016. ISBN 9789987082827.
Dogoli, a young man from a prominent clan engaged wife by her aunt. All procedures are followed by and a large wedding ceremony is being prepared. As ...

Rup Bahadur Khadka.
Dar es Salaam: 2015. ISBN 9789987753291.
This book is a comparative study of the tax systems of the five members of the East African Community: Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. It...

John Kiyaya.
Dar es Salaam: 2013. ISBN 9789987082544.
John Kiyaya was born 1970 in Kasanga village, Sumbawanga, Tanzania. His story in pursuit of his passion as a photographer known only to his subjects, ...

Pascal Bogaert.
Dar es Salaam: 2013. ISBN 9789987082292.
Even during his lifetime, David Mzuguno was widely regarded as one of the leading Tanzanian Tingatinga painters of his generation. He was on the verge...

Chieko Orimoto.
Dar es Salaam: 2016. ISBN 9789987082698.
Kanga is a single sheet of cloth which beautifies women's lives in Tanzania and Kenya. With impressive bright and bold designs, this cloth has been wo...

Fadhili Safieli Mshana.
Dar es Salaam: 2016. ISBN 9789987753567.
Against the background of the carving’s beginnings at Konde in Kisarawe District, Tanzania, which attest to the crucial ties between Zaramo social pra...

Toby Green.
Dar es Salaam: 2016. ISBN 9789987753161.
Toby Green is a writer and historian of West Africa. He has written numerous books, and his work has been translated into 12 languages. He has contrib...

Benjamin W. Mkapa.
Dar es Salaam: 2005. ISBN 9789987449798.
This series is a key record of the Presidency of Benjamin Mkapa of Tanzania, who held office from 1995-2005. From 2001 he instituted monthly TV and ra...
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