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Talev D.
T.1: Sofiia: 2016. ISBN 9789540910987.
Talev had the great and noble ambition to be the ultimate storyteller for Macedonian Bulgarians and their historical fate. He had a proud and exalted ...

Gerova D.
Sofiia: 2017. ISBN 9786190100218.
The book is about the city of Ruse (situated on the Bulgarian bank of the Danube River) around the time of the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878 which br...

Sofiia: 2017. ISBN 9786197153248.
The book contains two dozen stories about the ways in which deceased fathers still stay with their children. The emptiness left by a father's death ca...

Nikolov S.
Sofiia: 2017. ISBN 9786191691319.
The mid-1980s. A fantastic machine, a captivating scientist, seven disciples in a life-threatening situation verging on the absurd. And just a premoni...

Ognianova IU.
Sofiia: 2017. ISBN 9789549850819.
The book is dedicated to Iuliia Ognianova (1923-2016), who was a professor at the Higher Institute of Theatre Arts in Sofia.
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