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Minsk: 1995.
Methodological and bibliographic materials devoted to young Belarusian writers.
$8.00  Special price: $3.00

Vypusk 11: Minsk: 1995.
$6.00  Special price: $3.00

Volume 2, Part 1: Minsk: 1995.
New historical journal presents articles on various topics, reviews, materials about the state of historical researches in Belarus.
$6.00  Special price: $3.00

Minsk: 1995.
The edition includes commentary to the Law of the Republic of Belarus "On Consumer Rights Protection".
$6.00  Special price: $3.00

Vypusk 12: Minsk: 1993.
This issue presents a good coverage of all problems and current events in the Belarusian literature, music, art.
$8.00  Special price: $4.00

Fiadosik A. (ed.), Kabashnikau K. (ed.), Bandarchyk V. (ed.).
Minsk: 1993. ISBN 5-343-00675-2.
Materials about the unique ancient ritual game are published for the first time.
$14.00  Special price: $3.00

Kalubovich A.
Mensk: Belastok: Vil`nia: 1993. ISBN 5-340-01437-1.
The collection contains documents on the history of the Belarusian emigration, problems of the BSSR formation in 1919, and memoirs about Y. Kolas, M. ...
$12.00  Special price: $3.00

Bordovich A., Bulakhov M., Voloshenko A.
Minsk: 1993. ISBN 5-339-00769-3.
The edition includes rules of syntax and punctuation of the Russian language with the examples.
$12.00  Special price: $3.00

Hancharova N., Щarbakova I., Korshuk A.et al.
Minsk: 1993. ISBN 5-7855-0639-4.
About 500 Latin proverbs and sayings with Russian, Belarusian, English, French and German equivalents.
$12.00  Special price: $3.00

Ramantsevich V.
Minsk: 1993. ISBN 5-343-01444-5.
Belarusian language for the beginners: grammar, vocabulary and phonetics.
$12.00  Special price: $3.00

Dunin-Martsinkevich V.
Minsk: 1991. ISBN 5-340-00557-7.
The edition includes ballads and novels written by Vincent Dunin-Marcinkievich (1808 - 1884), founder of the Belarusian theatrical art, the famous dra...
$9.50  Special price: $5.50

Minsk: 1992.
The collection includes works by writers of different age united by the topic of love to the native land and aspiration to reflect problems of moderni...
$7.00  Special price: $5.00

Haurusiou S.
Tom 1, 2: Minsk: 1993, 1994. ISBN 5-340-00798-7; 5-340-00799-5; 5-340-00800-1.
Poems, ballads, translations, critique of S. Hauruseu, the brilliant Belarusian writer, winner of Kuleshov Literature Prize. Sold only as a set.
$12.00   Special price: $7.00(set)

Hilevich N.
Minsk: 1993. ISBN 5-343-01445-3.
Articles about the development of the Belarusian language.
$6.00  Special price: $3.00

Mishchanchuk M.
Minsk: 1992. ISBN 5-343-00436-9.
The edition represents the analysis of lyric poetry in the modern Belarusian literature.
$12.00  Special price: $3.00

SHirokanov D., Alekseeva E., Bondarev V.et al.
Minsk: 1993. ISBN 5-343-01157-8.
The edition examines such philosophical issues as idea and thought, creative thinking, quasi mental processes, change of ways and styles of thinking, ...
$14.00  Special price: $3.00

Minsk: 1993. ISBN 5-343-01441-0.
Collection of voters' letters to the Supreme Council of the Republic of Belarus aiming against the use of the Russian language as the second state lan...
$9.00  Special price: $3.00

1992: Minsk: 1993.
$6.00  Special price: 1.00

Mikulich B.
Minsk: 1993. ISBN 5-340-01101-1.
Diary of B. Mikulich (1912-1954) found in the archives of the People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs (NKVD). The edition represents a documentary ...
$12.00  Special price: $6.00

Muraueva A. V. (ed.).
Minsk: 1994.
This index includes all publications on the history of Belarus, historical researches issued at the end of 1991 and during the first half of 1992.
$12.00  Special price: $5.00

Minsk: 1995. ISBN 5-7815-1085-6.
The edition represents the index of works about F. Skaryna - a famous Belarusian scientist and educationalist, one of the first publishers in Eastern ...
$12.00  Special price: $4.00

Dzeliankouskі M.
Minsk: 1992.
Essays about famous Belarusian writers.
$12.00  Special price: $4.00

Varanovich Z.
Minsk: 1995.
The text-book presents some new methods of teaching the Belarusian language.
$17.00  Special price: $8.50

Blazhennyi V.
Minsk: 1995. ISBN 5-88384-012-4.
The edition contains works of distinguished poet V. Blazhennyi. Literary critics compare his works with those of Brodsky, Rilke, Pasternak. The collec...
$14.00  Special price: $4.50

Minsk: 1995.
World-famous writers, composers, artists, politicians: collection of biographies and short bibliographic reviews.
$10.00  Special price: $2.00

Lych G. M. (ed.).
Minsk: 1995. ISBN 985-6194-32-6.
Articles about present economic problems in Belarus: inflation, necessary structural changes in the economy, stimulating of economic activity, ways to...
$9.00  Special price: $4.00

ZHyhotski M.
Minsk: 1995. ISBN 5-343-01401-1.
The work is about activity of Yakub Kolas, a famous Belarusian writer, in the period of the World War II. Little known letters and notes are used.
$7.00  Special price: $3.50

Sokolova G.
Minsk: 1995. ISBN 5-343-01516-6.
Work of G. Sokolova, a member of the New York Academy of Sciences, presents a new approach to sociological aspects of modern economy.
$10.00  Special price: $5.00

Minsk: 1995. ISBN 985-09-0013-X.
First systematized collection of the traditional Belarusian folk-songs. The book is based on the records most recently gathered in Minsk region of Bel...
$16.00  Special price: $6.00

Minsk: 1995. ISBN 985-6015-11-1.
Laws and enactments on housing in Belarus. With amending as of October 1st, 1995.
$14.00  Special price: $4.50
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