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Skliarevskaia G.
SPb.: 1993. ISBN 5-02-028138-7.
The role of metaphor in the myth, in lexical and semantic system of a language, in social and psychological field.
$13.00  Special price: $3.00

Valk S.N.
SPb.: 1991. ISBN 5-02-027260-4.
S.N.Valk is an outstanding historian and archaeographer. This book inquires into the problems of archaeography, archeographical activities of academic...
$21.00  Special price: $3.00

Svetlov R.V.
SPb.: 1993.
History and varieties of Russian paganism and pagan world outlook.
$12.00  Special price: $3.00

Time G.
SPb.: 1991. ISBN 5-02-028044-5.
Origin of the new Russian dramatic art at the time when it was believed to be decadent.
$15.00  Special price: $3.00

SPb.: 1993. ISBN 5-02-028145-X.
This collection of poetry represents the works of Russian poets, who wrote their verses either as imitations on Greek and Latin poems, or filled with ...
$20.00  Special price: $3.00

SPb: 1993. ISBN 5-7331-0022-2.
This publication represents a renewed addition of the Pushkin society year-book, which preserves the following sections: revisions, reviews, new publi...
$25.00  Special price: $3.00

SPb.: 1994.
The materials of the international seminar devoted to the most urgent problems of culture existing at the threshold of the new millennium.
$16.00  Special price: $3.00

SPb: 1993.
The collection of articles views the role of libraries in the society; reflects professional demands to the different categories of librarians, level ...
$12.00  Special price: $3.00

SPb.: 1993.
The issue includes the collection of papers and reports from the seminar "The Book and Intellectual Education in Russia" (December 13, 1990), which wa...
$14.00  Special price: $3.00

Afanas'ev V. S.
Issue 2: SPb.: 1994.
The author of this brochure tends to analyze and explain the core of a rather new for the countries of the former Soviet Union phenomenon - organized ...
$10.00  Special price: $2.00

SPb.: 1992. ISBN 5-288-00879-5.
This teaching aid stands out by its comprehensive approach to the subject and notions of criminology as a science. In the course of factual statements...
$15.00  Special price: $3.00

SPb.: 1993. ISBN 5-288-01118-4.
Sociology is a science of the Future, but its roots have been traced back into the Past. What is Russian sociology? The research in this field has jus...
$13.00  Special price: $4.00

SPb.: 1991.
The book consists of a number of scientific reports, offered at the conference, which was dedicated to the 275th anniversary of the library of the Aca...
$15.00  Special price: $3.00

SPb.: 1994.
The edition represents a thematic plan of the course on the history of the world culture. Certain attention is paid to such regions as Egypt, Ancient ...
$9.00  Special price: $3.00

Vypusk 3: SPb: 1993.
The collected articles here present observations on life and literary activities of Pushkin. There is also an attempt to clarify the reasons of Pushki...
$12.00  Special price: $4.00

Mailov A.I.
Issue 1: Parts 1,2: SPb.: 1992.
This is a starting brochure opening the series concerned with Russian religious philosophy, subduing all the classic and post-classic traditions exist...
$9.00   Special price: $4.00

Abramovich S.
SPb.: 1994. ISBN 5-86007-010-1.
This book is devoted to the last year of Pushkin's life. Basing on different sources the author inquires into vague and tangled episodes of the pre-du...
$20.00  Special price: $10.00

SPb.: 1992. ISBN 5-288-00795-0.
The book covers such problems, as polyphony of thinking, humanitarian and value changes in modern society.
$16.00  Special price: $3.00

Voronova T.P.
SPb.: 1992.
Here the reader will find the valuable manuscripts belonging to the archive of Sukhtelen, which came to the Public Library in 1836. They are supplied ...
$11.00  Special price: $5.00

Gordin A.
SPb.: 1991. ISBN 5-7370-0260-8.
This splendid album includes 231 reproductions of paintings, drawings, engravings and lithographs created by the artists of St. Petersburg and somehow...
$50.00  Special price: $25.00
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