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Laleva M.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9786191951956.
A novel by contemporary Bulgarian author Maria Laleva. A terminally ill young woman and her little son arrive in the seaside town of Sozopol. Here, th...

Fenerski N.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9786199105610.
This is a book of short stories by contemporary Bulgarian writer Nikolai Fenerski, who is known for his tales about the Bulgarian Northwest. The book ...

Kovacheva D.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9789542827108.
The monograph reviews the evolution of the international status of natural persons in the context of the development of international law. It analyzes...

Fol A.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9786191761173.
This is a new edition of Alexander Fol's study marking his 85th birth anniversary. Fol and his school created a new branch of science dealing with the...

Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9789545154560.
The dynamic changes taking place in the world are making it ever more difficult for us to identify with our past, to observe the customs of our commun...

Todorov TS.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9786197282108.
This is a study by Bulgarian linguist and ethnographer Tsvetan Todorov (1899-1962), not to be confused with the famous Bulgarian-French philosopher, l...

Tuleshkov N.
Sofiia: 2008. ISBN 9789548931397.
The book examines the origins and the essence of medieval Christian and Muslim architecture. It analyzes the main construction concepts espoused by th...

Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9786199107683.
The 100-page book presents 50 historical and cultural landmarks in various parts of Bulgaria and includes as many stickers which you can use to mark t...

Zografova K.
Sofiia: 2019. ISBN 9786192350321.
This is a study on the great Bulgarian poet Peyo Yavorov (1878-1914), his love dramas, political causes, poems, passions and mysteries. The depths of ...

Dobrev I.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9789540744841.
The book is dedicated to the 80th birthday of Bulgarian linguist Ivan Dobrev, a Corresponding Member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Dobrev's co...
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