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Vladimirova D.
Sofiia: 2020. ISBN 9789540749082.
The study centers on the period of Muslim conquest of Sicily (IXth-XIth century). The first part presents the Byzantine rule, the Arab offensive in th...

Kiuranov D.
Sofiia: 2020. ISBN 9789543206896.
In this book, Deyan Kyuranov talks about his documented participation in the so-called Civic Opposition Movement in the Bulgarian capital Sofia betwee...

Bundzhulov A.
Sofiia: 2020. ISBN 9786190105831.
The book is about the visibilities through which political power is manifested. Visibility should be understood not as a substance existing in objecti...

Vasilev C.
Sofiia: 2020. ISBN 9786197158076.
All you see changes with time. This adage, dating back to the Roman era, would be a very apt way to describe the radical changes in the news media and...

Dolapchiev N.
Sofiia: 2020. ISBN 9786192330989.
The book was written by Bulgarian law professor Nikola Dolapchiev 70 years ago, when he was living abroad as an emigre following his stint as Bulgaria...

Rodev TS.
Sofiia: 2020. ISBN 9786197496468.
A short historical novel about the reign of Theodore Svetoslav Terter of Bulgaria (reigned: 1300-1322). While sticking closely to the historical facts...

Nedev N.
Sofiia: 2020. ISBN 9789543986101.
The book is about Georgi Vulkov (1897-1942), a politician of the Kingdom of Bulgaria who was affiliated with the Bulgarian Agrarian National Union (BZ...

Zlatareva M.
Sofiia: 2020. ISBN 9789542831112.
The book is about the court trial against Bulgarian revolutionary Vasil Levski (1837-1873), which led to his hanging by the Ottoman Turkish authoritie...

Ilchev I.
Tom 2: Sofiia: 2019. ISBN 9786190204251.
This is the second of two volumes of a concise history of Bulgaria, written by renowned historian Ivan Ilchev, rector of Sofia University for two cons...

Sofiia: 2019. ISBN 9789543901555.
This is a collection of written works which played an important role in Bulgarian history from the 7th to the 14th century. These include: a letter fr...

ZHdrebev A.
Sofiia: 2020. ISBN 9786190105671.
The monograph makes a remarkably detailed and comprehensive overview of the available literature on populism and its key authors, approaches and conce...

Stankova S.
Sofiia: 2020. ISBN 9789540748924.
The monograph examines the communication situations in which refugees find themselves nowadays. It highlights the fact that refugee movements have bee...

Zlatarski V.
Sofiia: 2020. ISBN 9786197496451.
Drawing on a large amount of material from German and Bulgarian archives, the book offers an authentic, multi-faceted description of Bulgaria's relati...

Draganova Z.
Sofiia: 2019. ISBN 9789540747934.
The Alter-globalist Movement brings together people of various cultural and social backgrounds who join forces in the face of geopolitical challenges ...

Kosev K.
Sofiia: 2019. ISBN 9789540912059.
The study sheds light on the role of Otto von Bismarck's diplomacy vis-a-vis the Eastern Question from 1856 to 1878. This was the most dynamic period ...

Tepavicharov V.
Sofiia: 2019. ISBN 9789540746852.
The term "socialism" was the communists' way of describing their own regime in Bulgaria from 1944 until 1989. This book is about the nostalgia for soc...

Ilchev I.
Tom 1: Sofiia: 2019. ISBN 9786190204244.
This is the first of two volumes of a concise history of Bulgaria, written by renowned historian Ivan Ilchev, rector of Sofia University for two conse...

Sofiia: 2019. ISBN 9789543901562.
This is a collection of written works which played an important role in Bulgarian history from the 7th to the 14th century. These include: a letter fr...

Genov P.
Sofiia: 2019. ISBN 9786190104728.
Writing and speaking about Kosta Todorov (1889-1947) was not allowed in communist Bulgaria. Who was he? A freedom-fighter in Macedonia and a revolutio...

Ilchev I.
Sofiia: 2019. ISBN 9789540747453.
Commercial advertising in the Bulgarian press during the National Revival Period (18th-19th century) has never been studied before, for unclear reason...

Markov G.
Sofiia: 2019. ISBN 9789542829720.
In 1989, Viktor Orban publicly urged the Soviet Army tanks to leave Hungary. In 2015, he built a border fence against the Islamization of Europe. Ther...

Ishirkov A.
Sofiia: 2019. ISBN 9789543192335.
First published in 1915, this important study examines the Bulgarian population beyond the western border of Bulgaria. The author Anastas Ishirkov (18...

Radoeva S.
Sofiia: 2019. ISBN 9789543263899.
The life of Todor Hristov, the youngest officer in the Army of the Principality of Bulgaria and a participant in the Ilinden-Preobrazhenie Uprising of...

Ivan Seleni.
Sofiia: 2019. ISBN 9786190105022.
Translated from Hungarian.

Stavru S., Nekov R.
Tom II: Sofiia: 2019. ISBN 9789542829218.
The second volume of "Obligation Law and Commercial Law" presents Bulgaria's labor and commercial law. The part on labor law features the Labor Code a...

Moshev A.
Sofiia: 2019. ISBN 9786197280777.

Sofiia: 2019. ISBN 9789540747774.
This compilation reports from the October 5-6, 2018 conference commemorating the 80th anniversary of Prof. Dr. Boris Parashkevov, organized by the Dep...

Tachev S.
Sofiia: 2019. ISBN 9786197496215.
This is a book about Bulgaria's First Cavalry Division, which was active during World War I and helped liberate the region of Dobrudzha from Romanian ...

Berov KH.
Sofiia: 2019. ISBN 9789540747224.
The study offers comparative analysis of the reactions of Balkan countries to situations characterized as world economic crises. It highlights the sim...

Sofiia: 2019. ISBN 9789540913483.
King Wladyslaw III of Poland and Hungary and Hungarian military leader John Hunyadi left their imprint on the historical memory of the Bulgarians, the...

Kralevska N.
Sofiia: 2019. ISBN 9789543206741.
This is the fifth edition of Nasya Kralevska's book, which has been compared with the best memoiristic works of Bulgarian literature. One gets the fee...

Sofiia: 2019. ISBN 9789545331800.
This is a collection of papers from a scientific conference called "1946", held at Sofia's New Bulgarian University on November 25, 2016. The main the...

Ludzhev D.
Kn.1: Sofiia: 2019. ISBN 9789543229932.
The author Dimiter Ludzhev (born 1950) is a Bulgarian scholar and politician who was particularly active in the country's politics in the first few ye...

Rudolf A.
Sofiia: 2019. ISBN 9786197496345.
The book is about Marie Louise (1870-1899), the first Bulgarian princess after the country's liberation from Ottoman Turkish rule in 1878. She was mar...

Aretov N.
Sofiia: 2019. ISBN 9789545331787.
The book is about the life and work of Ivan Naidenov (1834-1910), a prominent Bulgarian journalist of the so-called Constantinople circle, publisher o...

Palangurski M.
Sofiia: 2019. ISBN 9786190009375.
The Constituent Assembly of Bulgaria, which was convened in 1879 in the wake of the country's liberation from five centuries of Ottoman Turkish rule, ...

Grekova M.
Sofiia: 2019. ISBN 9789540746784.
The Roma in Bulgaria live in isolation, on the periphery of society and on the outer fringes of the cities due to their ethnicity. They are excluded f...

Andreev S., Kalitsin M., Mutafova K.
Sofiia: 2019. ISBN 9786191682287.
This book of documents highlights the history of the Orthodox Church in the Ottoman-governed Balkans during the 17th and the 18th century. It carries ...

Tasheva-KHalacheva M.
Sofiia: 2019. ISBN 9789548193412.
The monograph examines the family traditions of Bulgarian Catholics by comparing them to the culture of Orthodox Bulgarians, the dominant Christian de...

Statelova R.
Sofiia: 2019. ISBN 9789543206612.
Between the 1950s and the 1990s, the Bulgarian pop music scene was dominated by a vibrant genre called "estradna muzika", which can be loosely transla...

Pancheva TS.
Sofiia: 2019. ISBN 9789540745855.
The book traces the development of local historiography in Bulgaria from its inception during the National Revival Period (18th-19th century) until th...

Boiadzhiev V., Ivanova G.
Sofiia: 2019. ISBN 9789545154812.
A person's name is an important part of their overall image. It is a sign, a symbol, a mantra that goes together with the person throughout their whol...

Terziiski N.
Sofiia: 2019. ISBN 9786191864874.
A novel by contemporary Bulgarian author Nikolai Terziiski (born 1983). It is a journey driven by the pull of blood which is invisible to the naked ey...

Mikhail Iv. Madzharov.
Sofiia: 2019. ISBN 9786192202149.
Written by a participant in the events, this book is a valuable historical document revealing the diplomatic moves related to Bulgaria's wars until Wo...

Panchev A.
Sofiia: 2019. ISBN 9786197470079.
The study highlights the efforts made by Bulgarians during the National Revival Period (18th-19th century) to search out, protect and manage the Bulga...

Stoianov Z.
Sofiia: 2019. ISBN 9789542984801.
Second edition. This luxury edition is the immortal work of the famous Bulgarian memoirist, biographer and novelist Zakhari Stoianov. The memories of ...

Kasabova B.
Sofiia: 2019. ISBN 9789540913391.
In this book, literary critic Blagovesta Kasabova discusses burning issues pertaining not only to literature but also to public life in present-day Bu...

Licheva A.
Sofiia: 2019. ISBN 9786190204428.
What does "world literature" really mean? Do the literary processes in our globalized era involve any behind-the-scenes dealings? These and other ques...

Stavru S., Nekov R.
Tom I: Sofiia: 2019. ISBN 9789542828556.
The book is part of the series "Challenging Court Practice", which is aimed to present Bulgarian court practice by highlighting relevant themes and pr...

Mutafov K.
Sofiia: 2019. ISBN 9786191981038.
The monograph examines liability for another person's tax debt under Bulgarian tax law. It aims to make up for the lack of a comprehensive Bulgarian s...
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