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Shmuel Refael.
Volume 21: Jerusalem: 2015. ISBN 978-965-308-491-9.
In English and Ladino. This 30-page tract in Ladino contains a hitherto unknown and surprising...

Barbara Engelking.
Jerusalem: 2016. ISBN 978-965-308-541-1.
This study sheds light on the struggle of the Jews who escaped to the Polish countryside. Many of them encountered a hostile environment and in cases ...

Havi Dreifuss, Ora Cummings.
Jerusalem: 2017. ISBN 978-965-308-524-4.
The author describes the changes that occurred in the attitude of Polish Jews toward their non-Jewish neighbors during the Holocaust. The book documen...

Shneer A., Cohen Y.
Jerusalem: 2016. ISBN 978-965-308-522-0.
More than 6 million soldiers became POWs in camps operated by Nazi Germany. Western Allies were mostly treated in accordance to the international trea...

Dinah Porat, Roni Stauber, Aviva Halamish et al.
Jerusalem: 2015. ISBN 978-965-308-497-1.
A collection of essays honoring Prof. Dina Porat for her seminal contribution to Holocaust research in the fields: the Yishuv’s response to the Holoca...

Lea Prais, Naftali Greenwood.
Jerusalem: 2015. ISBN 978-965-308-501-5.
With the occupation of Poland, the Germans began to deport Jews from small towns and villages to larger Jewish communities and Ghettos. A large portio...

Volumes 1,2,3: Jerusalem: 1970.

Lea Jacobsen.
Jerusalem: 2017. ISBN 978-965-7755-23-5.

Feferman K.
Jerusalem: 2016. ISBN 9789653085053.
This study presents a comprehensive account of the Jews in the Crimea and the North Caucasus in the Holocaust years. The book covers the life and dest...

Minin E. (ed.).
Vypusk 14: Ierusalim: 2017.

Gerzon A.
Gertsliia: 2016. ISBN 978-965-559-081-4.
The author is a member of the Russian Writers' Union.

Daphna Ben-Tor.
Jerusalem: 2016. ISBN 9789652784544.
Comprehensive catalogue Pharaoh in Canaan: The Untold Story accompanies a major exhibition at the Israel Museum on the subject of Egyptian-Canaanite r...

Gorchakova-El'shtein L.
Tel'-Aviv: 2016.
On Fyodor Tyutchev.

Rav Iekhiel' Bar Lev.
Ierusalim: 2010.

Auda Bisharat.
 2007. ISBN 552625798.

Bormashenko E.
M.: Ierusalim: 2014. ISBN 9789659198627.

Doron Ya'akov.
Volume XXXIII: Jerusalem: 2014.
This book, stemming from a PhD dissertation under the advising of Prof. Moshe Bar Asher, offers a description of the traditional Hebrew of the Jews of...

Margalit Bejarano.
Jerusalem: 2015. ISBN 978-965-493-763-4.
The book combines the fruits of academic research with the personal reminiscences of protagonists, creating a collective narrative of Cuban Jews, part...

Arie Krampf.
Jerusalem: 2015. ISBN 978-965-493-775-7.
It is rarely noticed, Joan Robinson wrote half a century ago, that "the very nature of economics is rooted in nationalism." This book seeks to examine...

Robert Bonfil (ed.).
Volume XXIII: Jerusalem: 2015.
Periodical for research in the history, culture, and literature of the Jews of Italy. Whoever is dealing with Jewish thought and humanities knows well...

Svetlana Natkovich.
Jerusalem: 2015. ISBN 978-965-493-771-9.
This study explores the intellectual biography of the founder of Revisionist Zionism Vladimir (Ze'ev) Jabotinsky as an author. It examines the compreh...

Moshe Pelli.
Jerusalem: 2015. ISBN 978-965-493-818-1.
This is the fifth book in the series of monographs and annotated indices on periodicals of the Haskalah. It covers two major Hebrew periodicals Hehal...

Assaf Selzer.
Jerusalem: 2015. ISBN 978-965-493-832-7.
The four volume series of the History of the Hebrew University Project is devoted to the evolvement of the idea and of its implementation during the p...

Avraham Novershtern.
Jerusalem: 2015. ISBN 978-965-493-822-8.
Among the masses of immigrants that turned New York into the largest Jewish city in the world in the early twentieth century , grew a spectacular Yidd...

Amos Frumkin.
Jerusalem: 2015. ISBN 978-965-493-796-2.
The caves Atlas portrays some of the most famous caves in the world, including the hiding sites of the Dead Sea Scrolls. It also includes most of the ...

Gadi Heimann.
Jerusalem: 2015. ISBN 978-965-493-800-6.
The book sheds light on one of the most interesting episodes in the history of Israel's foreign policy. Since the Sinai war (1956), France was a frien...

Doron Bar.
Jerusalem: 2015. ISBN 978-965-493-828-0.
The book deals with the formative years of Israel's evolving symbolic landscape. The research covers the story of a few dozen Jews who passed away in ...

Esther Webman, Meir Litvak.
Jerusalem: 2015. ISBN 978-965-493-802-0.
From Empathy to Denial is the first comprehensive study of the broad range of Arab responses to the Holocaust based on years of painstaking historical...

Chen Kertcher.
Jerusalem: 2015. ISBN 978-965-493-806-8.
This study examines the concept of United Nations peacekeeping operations and their execution in Cambodia, Former Yugoslavia and Somalia from 1988 to ...

Volume 22: Jerusalem: 2015.

Tzahi Weiss.
Jerusalem: 2015. ISBN 978-965-493-838-9.
The feminine divine presence, the Shekhinah, has received detailed description in the Kabbalistic literature from the time of its inception at the end...

Doron Ya'akov.
Volume XXXIV: Jerusalem: 2015.
This book, stemming from a PhD dissertation under the advising of Prof. Moshe Bar Asher, offers a description of the traditional Hebrew of the Jews of...

Shelly Zer-Zion.
Jerusalem: 2015. ISBN 978-965-493-844-0.
The book 'Habima in Berlin' delineates the net of interconnections between Habima, a Hebrew theater troupe, and the German Jewish cultural and economi...

Sariel Bimbaum.
Jerusalem : 2015. ISBN 978-965-493-840-2.
Cinema is the most democratic form of art, dependent on the taste of millions of viewers. Within the cinematic historical genre in Arab cinema one fin...

Zanemonets A.
Ierusalim: 2015. ISBN 978-965-92479-0-5.

Arnon Lamfrom.

Ronit Matalon.

Walter Benjamin.
Volume 2:  2015.

Nitza Davidovitch, Dan Soen.

Picard, Avi.
 2013. ISBN 978-965-510-096-9.
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