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Almaty: 1995. ISBN 5-7667-3103-5.
The Code of Labor Laws of the Kazakh Republic was adopted in 1972. Some amendments and alterations are reflected in the present edition.
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Cakhipova M.S., Kondrat'eva V.T.
Almaty: 1990. ISBN 5-620-00413-9.
This reference-book gives legal guidance for people who are involved in the agro-industrial complex. The basic questions of legal functioning of agric...
$8.00  Special price: $3.00

Derbisov E.
Almaty: 1994. ISBN 5-615-01558-6.
The offered book deals with the problem of market relations in the economy of Kazakhstan. Great emphasis is also laid on the budget activities, partic...
$6.00  Special price: $3.00

Almaty: 1993. ISBN 5-7667-0432-1.
This unique book offers the reader an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with philosophical contemplations and thoughts of an outstanding Kazakh ...
$6.00  Special price: $4.00

ZHumagulov K.T.
Almaty: 1993. ISBN 5-86228-055-3.
The history of German tribes before the Great migration (I century B.C. - IV century A.D.) occupies one of the most important places in the research o...
$6.00  Special price: $1.00

Amrekulov N.
Almaty: 1991. ISBN 5-628-00975-X.
With the help of special methodology the age of Stalin's rule is reconstructed and presented here as a unity of its secret essence and superstructure ...
$6.00  Special price: $4.00

Niiazbekov M.
Almaty: 1992. ISBN 5-89840-538-0.
$9.00  Special price: $1.00

Sabdenov O.S.
Almaty: 1994. ISBN 5-7404-0097-x.
The book was written by head of the Economic Reform Committee of the Kazakhstan Supreme Council O. Sabdenov. The book sheds light on the state policy ...
$4.00  Special price: $2.00

Nurzhanov B.G.
Almaty: 1994. ISBN 5-620-00747-2.
The book presents system analysis of basic forms of culture in both historical and theoretical perspectives. In contrast to the majority of works of t...
$6.00  Special price: $3.00

Makarevich K.
Almaty: 2004.
The offered book by the well-known Soviet and Kazakh glaciologist is written in a form of recollections. The aim of this book is to attract the attent...
$8.00  Special price: $2.00

Almaty: 2005.
The collection includes standard acts on the equity market as of July 2, 2003.
$13.00  Special price: $3.00

Tulembaeva A.N.
Almaty: 2004. ISBN 9965-9275-8-8.
Theoretical, methodological, and practical aspects of logistics, its evolution, modern conceptions. The edition is based on extensive practical materi...
$25.00  Special price: $3.00

Almaty: 2005. ISBN 9965-611-46-7.
A collection of publications by Pope John Paul II (1920-2005).
$16.00  Special price: $8.00

Qasymbekov M.
Astana: 2005. ISBN 9965-06-224-2.
Analysis of the current political situation in Kazakhstan, activities and personality of the president Nazarbayev.
$24.00  Special price: $4.00

Kitap III: Astana: 2005. ISBN 9965-06-229-3.
Biographic materials about Raiymbek Batyr (1705-1785), a hero of Kazakh struggle for independence.
$40.00  Special price: $5.00

Astana: 2005. ISBN 9965-718-77-6.
$32.00  Special price: $4.00

Astana: 2002. ISBN 5-7667-9869-5.
Issues of Kazakhstan-UNO cooperation in the field of political development, democratization, peace-keeping processes.

Dzhalilov Z.G.
Almaty: 2006. ISBN 9965-699-48-8.
The author narrates about foundation, development and the role of the Islamic religion in the present-day Kazakhstan.
$23.00  Special price: $4.00

Almaty: 2006. ISBN 9965-9952-6-5.
$26.00  Special price: $7.00

Krumm R.
Almaty-Bishkek-Dushanbe-Tashkent: 2003. ISBN 9965-767-05-x.
$20.00  Special price: $2.00

Astana: 2003. ISBN 92-2-416512-5.
$4.00  Special price: $2.00

Astana: 2003. ISBN 92-2-116512-4.
$4.00  Special price: $2.00

Almaty: 2009. ISBN 9965-30-834-9.
Formation of the Kazakh National University named after Al'-Farabi, improvement of educational process, development of academic schools, its status.
$64.00  Special price: $32.00

Tom 1 : Almaty: 2012. ISBN 9965-893-92-6; 9965893926; 9965-893-91-8; 9965893918.

Skvortsov V.V.
Almaty : 2013. ISBN 978-601-7393-12-0; 9786017393120.

Almaty: 2017. ISBN 978-601-217-587-5; 9786012175875.

Almaty: 2019.
Civil-procedural law in the Republic of Kazakhstan: common principles, problems, jurisdiction and cognizance, composition of the court, legal charges ...

Biekenov K.U., KHibina N.N., Mamytkanov D.K.
Almaty: 2019. ISBN 978-601-04-3981-8; 9786010439818.

Nikiforova N., Tumabekova D., Saari D.
Almaty: 2019. ISBN 978-601-7984-24-3; 9786017984243.

Temirgaliev R.
Almaty : 2019. ISBN 978-601-7283-96-4; 9786017283964.
The book is dedicated to the history of one of the largest states in the history of Desht-Kipchak, which was known in history under the names of Ak Or...

Temirgaliev R.
Almaty : 2019. ISBN 978-601-7283-98-8; 9786017283988.
The work is devoted to the history of the entry of Kazakh lands into the Russian Empire in the XVIII-XIXth centuries. All stages of this process are d...

Satybaldin A.A.
Almaty : 2019. ISBN 978-601-215-179-4; 9786012151794.

Satybaldin A.A.
Almaty : 2019. ISBN 978-601-215-181-7; 9786012151817.

Satybaldin A.A.
Almaty : 2019. ISBN 978-601-215-182-4; 9786012151824.
The collection contains articles, scholarly reports of scientists, workers and practitioners of an international scientific and practical conference.
В сборнике представлены статьи, научные доклады ученых, работников и специалистов-практиков, озвученные на международной научно-практической конференц...

Sanzhar N.
Almaty : 2019. ISBN 978-601-7910-19-8; 9786017910198.
This is a drama story about the difficult fate of Turkic women - mothers and their sons. The story of the case of Genghis Khan's mother from the Oyant...
Это история-драма о нелегкой судьбе тюркских женщин - матерей и их сыновей. История дела матери Чингисхана из рода конрат Оян, которая на полях сражен...

Popov IU.G.
Karagandy: 2019. ISBN 978-601-273-391-4; 9786012733914.
This study is an attempt to tell the story of the people of theKarkaraly steppe town who became victims of political repression in the Soviet period o...
Данное краведческое исследование является попыткой рассказать о людях степного городка Каркаралы, ставших жертвами политических репрессий в советский ...

Batyrsha-Uly S.
Toma 1, 2: Almaty: 2018. ISBN 978-601-80718-3-6; 978-601-80718-4-3; 978-601-80718-5-0; 9786018071836; 9786018071843; 9786018071850.
Selected works and interviews written on the elections, and comments and opinions.

SHaikhyuly E.
Almaty: 2018. ISBN 978-601-7967-07-9; 9786017967079.
The aitkyshtar in Kazakhstan is a writer of anecdotal stories.

SHaukenova Z.K. (ed.).
Nur-Sultan: 2019. ISBN 978-601-7972-17-2; 9786017972172.

Saparov SH.
Almaty: 2019. ISBN 978-601-06-5807-3; 9786010658073.
The novel tells the story of the fate of a young man who fell into the maelstrom of the dashing 90s.
Роман повествует о судьбе молодого человека, попавшего в водоворот лихих девяностых. Яркая и кровавая судьба Бека, тесно переплетенная с историей каза...
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