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Ivanitskaia IA.
Kiev: 2019. ISBN 9786177449026.
This is a love story, a detective story, an art portrait, a documentary and historical study using personal and museum archives, letters and diaries, ...

CHyzhmar' K. I.
Kyiv: 2019. ISBN 978-966-370-379-4; 9789663703794.

Mel'nyk V.V.
Kyiv: 2019. ISBN 978-617-7748-49-5; 9786177748495.
The monograph features a comprehensive study of legal regulation of depositary and clearing activities in Ukraine.

Inshyn M.I., Matsiuk V.IA.
Kyiv: 2019. ISBN 978-966-370-380-0; 9789663703800.

Daniel' A. V.
KHarkiv: 2019. ISBN 978-966-937-691-6; 9789669376916.
The monograph offers a new solution to the scholarly issue, the essence of which is the comprehensive study of the problems of using electronic media ...

Droniv B. M.
KHarkiv: 2019. ISBN 978-966-937-524-7; 9789669375247.
The monograph is devoted to the topical issues of the mutual influence of private and public law in the context of deepening the processes of legal co...

Tryn'ova IA. O.
KHarkiv: 2019. ISBN 978-966-937-666-4; 9789669376664.

KHarkiv: 2019. ISBN 978-966-937-734-0; 9789669377340.

Demydova L.M., Nazarchuk V.V.
KHarkiv: 2019. ISBN 978-966-937-694-7; 9789669376947.
The monograph covers relevant doctrinal, legislative and law enforcement issues of criminal legal protection of national security of Ukraine.

Kolodiazhnyi M. H.
KHarkiv: 2019. ISBN 978-966-937-567-4; 9789669375674.
The monograph is devoted to the study of the strategy of reducing the possibilities of committing crime, most of the directions are new to the law-enf...

Tumanov S.H.
KHarkiv: 2019. ISBN 978-966-937-714-2; 9789669377142.

Hnatiuk A. IU.
KHarkiv: 2019. ISBN 978-966-937-731-9; 9789669377319.
Monographic research is devoted to the topical issues of determining the functional structure of the criminal procedural activity of the prosecutor in...

Karpenko M. I.
KHarkiv: 2019. ISBN 978-617-7386-18-5; 9786177386185.
The monograph reflects the origins and genesis of criminal responsibility for military offences in Ukraine from the times of Kievan Rus to the present...

IAkovliev O.A.
KHarkiv: 2019. ISBN 978-966-937-722-7; 9789669377227.

Malysheva N. R. (ed.).
KHarkiv: 2019. ISBN 978-966-937-732-6; 9789669377326.
The monograph highlights the processes accompanying the reform of decentralization and their impact on the development of environmental and natural re...

Los' N.
Kiev: 2018. ISBN 978-966-288-182-0; 9789662881820.
The novel is the winner of the literary contest at Minsk publishing house "Registr" in nomination for "The editor's pick".

Lubianov A.N.
Simferopol': 2019. ISBN 9785950019098.
Documentary essays based on previously closed Soviet and German archival materials as well as evidence of defense participants reveal the features of ...

Vertinskii A.CH., Sevast'ianov I.N.
Simferopol': 2019. ISBN 9785604245835.
This guidebook on Simeiz and its western environs contains rare and unique postcard and photographic material, mostly not previously published and sto...

Sushyns'kyi B.
Kyiv: 2019. ISBN 978-966-498-672-1; 9789664986721.
The new historical novel by B. Sushyns'kyi, a well-known writer, academician, and winner of more than 20 literary prizes is based on the facts from th...

Kruglov A., Umanskii A.
Dnipro: 2019. ISBN 978-966-981-036-6; 9789669810366.
The book reconstructs the initial stage of the repressive occupation policy of the Nazis in Kyiv, namely the preparation and destruction of Kyiv Jews ...
Knyha rekonstruyruet nachal'nûi ýtap repressyvnoi okkupatsyonnoi polytyky natsystov v h. Kyev, a ymenno podhotovku y unychtozhenye kyevskykh evreev v urochyshch...
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