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bagauri n., batiasvili z., berize i., kudava b. (et al.).
t'bilisi: 2018. ISBN 9789941478178.
The book contains a catalogue of historical and cultural monuments from this region as well as a catalogue of manuscripts and historical documents an...

nikolaze m.
t'bilisi: 2019. ISBN 978-9941-25-461-1; 9789941254611.
Some important questions about Georgian traditional wines.

Tbilisi: 2019. ISBN 978-9941-8-1390-0; 9789941813900.
The guide book is written by local travelers and includes most accurate and useful tips and hints.

bugaze l.
t'bilisi: 2019. ISBN 978-9941-23-983-0; 9789941239830.
Georgian society through the eyes of a writer. Censorship, issues, the aim to be in the spotlight and so on.

kvasilava k.
t'bilisi: 2019. ISBN 978-9941-25-560-1; 978-9941-25-560-1.

t'bilisi: 2019. ISBN 978-9941-30-178-0; 9789941301780.
New edition of the works of the famous Georgian artist.

reipildi d.
t'bilisi: 2019. ISBN 978-9941-29-639-0; 9789941296390.
Translated from English. Located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, Georgia is a country of rainforests and swamps, snow and glacie...

cxondia z.
t'bilisi: 2019. ISBN 978-9941-31-019-5; 9789941310195.
The story of a famous Georgian publicist about the great Georgian poet Terent Granelli.

rurua n.
t'bilisi: 2019. ISBN 978-9941-30-302-9; 9789941303029.
The book is a collection of translations and journalistic letters of a Georgian politician related to the 2003 Rose Revolution and its consequences. T...

t'bilisi: 2019. ISBN 978-9941-487-02-6; 9789941487026.
The edition is a daily journal of 1917-1918, covering in detail each day from February 27, 1917 until May 26, 1918, that is, from the beginning of the...

kotetisvili v.
t'bilisi: 2019. ISBN 978-9941-30-311-1; 9789941303111.
Collection of letters of the famous Georgian literary expert, critic, folklorist, Iranologist, translator Vakhushti Kotetishvili(1935 – 2008).

lebanize s.
t'bilisi: 2019. ISBN 978-9941-487-17-0; 9789941487170.
The book is a documentary novel about the tragedy of people during the Soviet regime.

t'bilisi: 2019. ISBN 978-9941-30-300-5; 9789941303005.
Mosaics of Soviet Period in Georgia is the very first collection of mosaic artworks created during late 1960s and the 1980s in Soviet Republic of Geor...

apxazisvili s.
t'bilisi: 2019. ISBN 978-9941-30-248-0; 9789941302480.
The book contains ancient caricature on political parties of the first 20 years of the XXth century.

Turashvili D.
Tbilisi: 2016. ISBN 978-9941-23-676-1; 9789941236761.
The bestselling novel of Dato Turashvili is based on the most tragic and scandalous story of Soviet Georgia of 1980s. Seven young people hijacked an a...

morcilaze a.
t'bilisi: 2018. ISBN 978-9941-23-912-0; 9789941239120.
The incredible story of a young Georgian woman going straight to Stalin in search of her missing husband.

turasvili d.
t'bilisi: 2016. ISBN 978-9941-23-328-9; 9789941233289.
The writer has pleasant and sad memories that tell about the turbulent 90s in Georgia, the participation of young people in the most important events ...

aleksandre t'arxnisvili .
t'bilisi: 2019. ISBN 978-9941-8-1248-4; 9789941812484.

arsenisvili z.
t'bilisi: 2019. ISBN 978-9941-30-301-2; 9789941303012.
In the epic novel by writer and screenwriter Zaire Arsenishvili (1933-2015), the action takes place in Telavi in the 20-50s of the 20th century. The h...

babluani t'.
t'bilisi: 2018. ISBN 978-9941-23-947-2; 9789941239472.
This adventurous novel by acclaimed film director Temur Babluani tells the story of a random youngster living in Soviet Tbilisi who became the unfortu...
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