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Anitra Nettleton (ed.), Bheki Peterson.
South Africa: 2015. ISBN 9781868148738.
South African beadwork has a rich and diverse history and is abundantly represented in the beaded art pieces in the Wits Art Museum (WAM) collection. ...

Nessa Leibhammer, Johannesburg Art Gallery.
Johannesburg, South Africa: 2007. ISBN 9781868144495.
Showcases some of South Africa's most treasured heritage, aiming to make readers aware of the high degree of artistic skill that exists in South Afric...

Robert Thornton.
Johannesburg: 2018. ISBN 9781776140183.
Explores the Ngoma healing tradition as practised in eastern Mpumalanga, South Africa. "Bungoma" is an active philosophical system and healing practic...

Zakes Mda.
Johannesburg, South Africa: 1994. ISBN 9781868142224.
Zakes Mda, legally Zanemvula Kizito Gatyeni Mda (born 1948), is a South African novelist, poet and playwright. He has won major South African and Brit...

Gabeba Baderoon.
Johannesburg: 2014. ISBN 9781868147694.
In contrast to the themes of extremism and alienation that dominate Western portrayals of Muslims, Regarding Muslims explores an extensive repertoire ...

Prince Mbusi Dube (ed.).
Johannesburg: 2006. ISBN 9781868144426.
This lavishly illustrated, full-colour book is the most comprehensive collection of Dumile Feni's work to date and a tribute to the retrospective exhi...

Paul Slabolepszy, Bobby Heaney .
Johannesburg: 2017. ISBN 9781776140923.
Paul Slabolepszy (born 1948) is a South African actor and playwright. Arguably South Africa's preeminent playwright after Athol Fugard, Slabolepszy is...

Neil Coppen, Mpume Mthombeni, et al.
Johannesburg: 2018. ISBN 9781776141951.
Explores the effects of addiction not only on those who suffer from it but on communities, families and the police, both those who try to control the ...

F. Fiona Moolla (ed.), Byron Caminero-Santangelo, et al.
Johannesburg: 2016. ISBN 9781868149131.
Environmental and animal studies are rapidly growing areas of interest across a number of disciplines. Natures of Africa is one of the first edited vo...

Michael Wessels.
Johannesburg: 2010. ISBN 9781868145065.
The "Bleek and Lloyd Collection" consists of the notebooks in which William Bleek and Lucy Lloyd transcribed and translated the narratives, cultural i...
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