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Omarbekov T.O., Sultangaliyeva G.S., Sailan B.S.
Book 3: Almaty: 2021. ISBN 9786010454736.
The third book of the textbook «History of Kazakhstan», consisting of 4 volumes, is devoted to the study of the complex period of the history of Kazak...

Omarbekov T.O., Karibaev B.B., Nurtazina N.D.
Book 2: Almaty: 2021. ISBN 9786010454729.
The second book of the 4-volume set of textbooks “History of Kazakhstan (Kazakh Eli)”, which was published for bachelors of the specialty “History”, i...

Omarbekov T.O., Khabizhanova G.B., Nurtazina N.D.
Book 1: Almaty: 2021. ISBN 9786010454712.
The first book of the textbook is devoted to the study of issues covering the period of history Kazakhstan from antiquity to the beginning of the XIII...

Miimanbaeva F.N., ZHarkynbaeva R.S.
Almaty: 2021. ISBN 9786010455566.
The textbook examines the emergence and initial stages of development of early class societies and states in the Aegean basin, the socio-economic, pol...
V uchebnom posobii rassmatrivaiutsia vozniknovenie i nachal'nye etapy razvitiia ranneklassovykh obshchestv i gosudarstv v Egeiskom basseine, sotsial'no-ekonomich...

Dadebaev ZH.
IV tom: Almaty : 2021. ISBN 9786010456471.
Volume IV presents the autobiographical novel "Zhambyl" by Sapargali Begalin, an outstanding Kazakh writer, who made a great contribution to the devel...

Dadebaev ZH.
III tom: Almaty : 2021. ISBN 9786010455917.
This work of the scientist can be considered as a biographical essay covering the life of the poet Zhambyl from his youth to a hundred years. The book...

Dadebaev ZH.
II tom: Almaty : 2021. ISBN 9786010454675.
The second volume of the multi-volume edition "Selected works" contains the second group of memoirs of famous poets, writers, cultural and artistic fi...

Dadebaev ZH.
I tom: Almaty : 2021. ISBN 9786010454668.
The first volume of the multi-volume edition "Selected Works" contains the memoirs of famous writers and artists who saw Zhambyl and lived with him an...

Quantaiuly N.
Almaty : 2021. ISBN 9786010449787.

ZHanabaeva ZH.A., Akhmetova S.T.
Almaty: 2021. ISBN 9786010452473.
The monograph is devoted to various aspects of the hydroecological problem of the rivers of the Almaty megalopolis. The book analyzes the conditions f...
Monografiia posviashchena razlichnym aspektam gidroekologicheskoi problemy rek megapolisa Almaty. V knige analiziruiutsia usloviia formirovaniia stoka vody rek n...
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