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P.K. Das.
New Delhi: 2019.
1.Family violence. Law and legislation in India. 2.Women. Crimes against law and legislation in India.

Neeru Nakra.
New Delhi: 2019. ISBN 9788193884775.
1.Trademarks. Law and legislation in India. 2.Trademark infringement in India. 3.Product counterfeiting. Law and legislation in India.

Parthasarathi Shome (ed.).
Gurugram: 2018. ISBN 9788193746899.
Taxation. Law and legislation in India

S.R. Myneni.
Faridabad: 2018. ISBN 978938045633.
1.Patent laws and legislation in India. 2.Patent laws and legislation. 3.Patents in India. 4.Patents. 5.Patent practice in India. 6.Patent practice. 7...

Bhagyashree A. Deshpande.
Allahabad: Delhi : 2018. ISBN 9789386456922.
1.Sociological jurisprudence in India. 2.Social change in India.

Rapaka David Goodwin, Suman Kalyan Chaudhury.
New Delhi: 2019. ISBN 9788193821695 .
1.Ecotourism in India, Andhra Pradesh. 2.Sustainable tourism in India, Andhra Pradesh. 3.Tourism. Government policy in India, Andhra Pradesh.

Manisha Bhattacharya.
New Delhi: 2019. ISBN 9789383684854 .
1.Sericulture. Economic aspects in India. 2. Sericulture. Economic aspects in India, Assam. 3. Silk industry in India. 4.Silk industry in India, As...

Neetha N.
New Delhi: 2019. ISBN 9788193401552.
1.Women household employees in India. Economic conditions. Congresses. 2.Wages in India. Congresses

R.N. Dash .
New Delhi: 2019. ISBN 9789322008710.
1.Rural credit in India. 2.Microfinance in India. 3.Banks and banking in India. 4.Rural development. Government policy in India.

Rais Ahmad, Taab Sherwani, Mohd. Irfan Rais (ed.).
New Delhi: 2019. ISBN 9788193884737.
1.Sustainable development in India. 2.Entrepreneurship in India. 3.Rural development in India. 4.Poverty.Government policy in India.
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