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Ann Scott, Danica Shaw, Louise Clapham et al.
Windhoek, Namibia : 2017. ISBN 9789994585144.
A Guidebook to NamibRand Nature Reserve, by Ann Scott, Danica Shaw, Louise Clapham, Nils Odendaal and Mike Scott is not intended as a detailed field g...

Adelheid Lilienthal.
Namibia: 2010. ISBN 9789994571116.
In November 2009 a comprehensive exhibition of graphics by the late John Ndevasia Muafangejo was displayed in the National Art Gallery of Namibia to c...

Michel Detay, Anne-Marie Detay .
Cape Town, South Africa: 2017. ISBN 9781775842941; 9781775842941 .
Geological Wonders of Namibia is an informative portrayal of the key highlights of Namibia's landscapes and landforms.

Schadeberg Jurgen.
Pretoria: 2013. ISBN 9781868886784.
Jurgen Schadeberg's South Africa: Six Decades - a photographic retrospective documentary of South Africa - is a unique visual journey which captures t...

Kopano Ratele .
Johannesburg: 2019. ISBN 9781776143900.
What does the world look like from Africa? What does it mean to think, feel, express without apology for being African? How does one teach society and...

N. Chabani Manganyi .
Johannesburg: 2019. ISBN 9781776143689.
Being-Black-in-the-World, one of N. Chabani Manganyi’s first publications, was written in 1973 at a time of global socio-political change and renewed ...

Claire Benit-Gbaffou (ed.).
Johannesburg: 2019. ISBN 9781776143849.
Provides textured analysis of a contested urban space that will resonate with other contested urban spaces around the world and challenges researchers...

Dr Kehdinga George Fomunyam .
Stellenbosch: 2019. ISBN 9781928424277.
Conceived within a context of transdisciplinarity and pluriversalism, and in rigorous response to the Eurocentric, globalising and nationalising struc...

Johan Cilliers.
Stellenbosch: 2019. ISBN 9781928480228.
In this companion volume to A Space for Grace, Johan Cilliers delves into some of the most profound theological underpinnings of preaching. Drawing on...

Stellenbosch: 2019. ISBN 9781928480020.
Hans Ester en Chris van der Merwe het albei n lang loopbaan as letterkundiges agter die rug, die een in Suid-Afrika, die ander in Nederland. Albei is ...
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