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Ionescu Mihail. E.
Bucuresti: 2018. ISBN 978-973-32-1084-9; 9789733210849.

Lescu A.
Bucuresti: 2018. ISBN 978-973-32-1070-2; 9789733210702.
The publication highlights the role played by the imperial military bodies in the history of the Prut-Dniester region, as well as the real costs for t...

Preda D.
Bucuresti: 2019. ISBN 978-973-32-1107-5; 978-973-27-2987-8; 9789733211075; 9789732729878.

Dumitru Zaharia.
Bucuresti: 2019. ISBN 978-973-32-1122-8; 9789733211228.
The organization of the Romanian Legion in Italy contributed to the recognition by the allies and enemies of historical rights acquired long ago by th...

Juganaru A.
Volumul II: Bucuresti: 2018. ISBN 978-606-26-0971-9; 9786062609719.

Boerescu D.-S.
Volumul VIII: Bucuresti: 2019. ISBN 978-606-992-244-6; 9786069922446.
The story that became materialized in many foreign invasions was often doubled by tensions with some ethnic minority groups including massacres.

Boerescu D.-S.
Bucuresti: 2019. ISBN 978-606-992-261-3; 9786069922613.
Currently, the territory of Romania attracts many people around the world. It is impossible to ignore the exciting traces and cultural heritage that a...

Deletant D.
Bucuresti: 2019. ISBN 978-973-50-6325-2; 9789735063252.
This is the first monograph that examines the activities of agents of the UK special services in Romania during the Second World War.

Scurtul B.
Chisinau: 2019. ISBN 9789975544078.
The novel. A couple of lovers re-incarnate for several centuries to find themselves, to relive with the same intensity the emotion of love.

Rau D.
Chisinau: 2019. ISBN 9789975544054.
The novel about the art of being a mother.
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