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$24.00  Special price: $6

Katsir IA.
Part 6:
The book introduces the reader to Jerusalem of the times of Crusaders and tells the story of the conquest of the city by Crusaders and life in the cit...
$10.00  Special price: $10.00

Baglei A.
The author of the book is Alexey Bagley, a Soviet architect, in 1963-1988 he was the chief architect of the city of Sevastopol. According to his idea,...
Avtor knyhy - Aleksei Bahlei - sovetskyi arkhytektor, v 1963-1988 hodakh - hlavnûi arkhytektor horoda Sevastopolia. Po eho zadumke bûl ustanovlen obelysk ...

Katrіi CHSVV o. IU.IA.
CHastina I: Niu Iork: Rim: 1982.
Second edition.
$4.00  Special price: $4.00

Zastavnyi F.D.
L'viv: 1990. ISBN 5-11-000945-7.
Natural conditions and resources of Ukraine and main directions of their use, problems of environment protection are considered in the text-book. Spec...
$3.00  Special price: $3.00

Ivanyshyn V.
Drohobych: 1991.
The second edition of the collection of essays by V. Ivanishin is dedicated to the problems of development of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, religious...
$2.00  Special price: $2.00

Dontsov D.
Drohobych: 1991.
The aim of this monograph by D. Dontsov is to put under study the causes that led to the decline of moral and social values of the Ukrainian people. I...
$3.00  Special price: $3.00

Lugansk: 1991.
Problems of Lugansk - architecture, city building, industrial, ecological, urban are considered in this book.
$5.00  Special price: $1.00

Dnipropetrovs`k: 1991. ISBN 5-7707-0772-0.
Materials of the conference dedicated to D.Iavornytskii, a well-known Ukrainian historian, archaeologist, ethnographer and writer.
$4.00  Special price: $4.00

KHerson: 1991.
Archaeological research in Kherson region.
$4.00  Special price: $4.00
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