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Sushyns'kyi B.
Kyiv: 2019. ISBN 978-966-498-672-1; 9789664986721.
The new historical novel by B. Sushyns'kyi, a well-known writer, academician, and winner of more than 20 literary prizes is based on the facts from th...

Kruglov A., Umanskii A.
Dnipro: 2019. ISBN 978-966-981-036-6; 9789669810366.
The book reconstructs the initial stage of the repressive occupation policy of the Nazis in Kyiv, namely the preparation and destruction of Kyiv Jews ...

IAvorivs'kyi V.
Kyiv: 2019. ISBN 978-617-7766-02-4; 9786177766024.
The new novel by V. Iavorivs'kyi tells about Princess Olga, who we did not know. The novel tells how she became a powerful and uncompromising ruler.

Kipiani V.
KHarkiv: 2019. ISBN 978-966-942-927-8; 9789669429278.
The book contains archival documents from the criminal case of Vasyl' Stus, testimony of witnesses, letters of the poet from prison, memoirs of his re...

KHarkiv: 2019. ISBN 978-617-12-5786-3; 9786171257863.

Trublaini M.
Kyiv: 2019. ISBN 978-611-01-1448-6; 9786110114486.
The story of famous traveler, classic of the Ukrainian literature - M. Trublaini about the adventures of a brave team whose ship got lost in the north...

Permiakov A.
Kyiv: 2019. ISBN 978-966-98-605-21; 9789669860521.
This book is a play, a buffoonery book, poetic, musical, with elements of performance, with feeling of time, feeling of love, with a sense of a furiou...

Brahin V.
Kyiv: 2019. ISBN 978-611-01-1424-0; 9786110114240.
In this unusual science fiction novel - fairy tale the author tells about the extremely interesting adventures of a scholar who managed to make himsel...

SHevchuk V.
Kyiv: 2019. ISBN 978-611-01-1455-4; 9786110114554.
In the historical biographical novel the writer created the image of the great son of the Ukrainian people - Taras Shevchenko. In a tense storyline he...

Havryliv O.
Kyiv: 2019. ISBN 978-611-01-1430-1; 9786110114301.
Collection of stories.
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