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Retivov M.
Kiev: 2018. ISBN 978-617-7390-84-7; 9786177390847.
The publication is based on archival and family materials, diaries, letters, documented observations and experience of the prominent people of the pos...

Pomerantsev I.
CHernovtsy: 2018. ISBN 978-966-97679-8-1; 9789669767981.

Brig E.
Kiev: 2018. ISBN 978-617-7390-94-6; 9786177390946.
Multi-vector collection of poems which includes knowledge of psychology, esotericism, mythology, philosophy, alchemy. The key topic is a man and a wom...

Musienko V.
Kiev: 2018. ISBN 978-617-7672-63-9; 9786177672639.
Psychological novel with the elements of mysticism.

Alekhin A.
Kiev: 2018. ISBN 978-617-7606-11-5; 9786177606115.
The third book by popular Kyiv blogger Andrei Alekhin is dedicated to our compatriots and contemporaries. This book includes stories from the life of ...

Kazhdoian A.
Kiev: 2017. ISBN 978-617-7560-90-5; 9786177560905.
The story features combination of unrelated thoughts and fantasies from the diary of a certain girl which was found in a backpack at the time of the r...

Strakhov S.
Kiev: 2017. ISBN 978-617-7540-39-4; 9786177540394.
The author, a Kyivan to the marrow of his bones, reveals in his book the unknown pages of the recent history of his native city.

KHorunzhii V.
Kiev: 2018. ISBN 978-617-7560-87-5; 9786177560875.
Young Jennifer Parker, whose parents died in a car accident, is pursued by horrible visions, she gets into a psychiatric hospital. But treatment does...

Kyriiak I.
Kyiv: 2018. ISBN 978-966-7742-20-01; 97896677422001.
For the first time in Ukraine, after almost 85 years, unique trilogy "Sons of the Earth" came out. It is comprehensive artistic and literary descripti...

Nadtoka H.M., Horpynchenko I.V.
Kyiv: 2018.
The monograph features the process of raising knowledge on the history of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine in the second half of the XIXth century.
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