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Bratislava: 2018. ISBN 9788097042059.
The proceedings consists of a set of papers from the 18th Czech-Slovak Filmological Conference, which took place from 12 to 15 October 2017 in Krpacov...

Karol Misovic.
Bratislava: 2020. ISBN 9788056904589.
Sona Valentova (1946), a leading representative of lyrical characters, fragile women, but also passionate fateful dominatrixes. In the Slovak National...

Blaho Uhlar .
Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788081900334.
The book contains thirteen dramatic texts, which arose from more than thirty years of cooperation between the most important personality of Slovak ind...

Andrej Stafura, Martin Culik, Stefan Nagy.
Bratislava: 2018. ISBN 9788097254117.
The book is a fully bilingual interdisciplinary scientific monograph. It contains knowledge about the influence of individual woody plants, individual...

Alexander Albrecht, Vladimir Godar (ed.).
Bratislava: 2018. ISBN 9790685030232.
Alexander Albrecht's songs document not only his personal development from a children's composition inspired by classicist or early romantic songs to ...

Robert Sebesta.
Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788081950513.
The author subjects all records of the produced basset horns in Schollnast's books to a thorough analysis. The result is a detailed and comprehensive ...

Darina Mudra.
Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788022417426.
The [book...] is a work of primarily source character and the first of its kind in our country. It is based in its entirety on the data of canonical v...

Bartok Bela.
1, 2, 3: Bratislava: 2020. ISBN 9788089427444.
The collective edition of Slovak folk songs by Bela Bartok in four volumes has the ambition to complete the almost century-old process of preparation,...

Irina Sedakova, Peter Zenuch, Mariya Kitanova et al.
Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788022417967.
The collective monograph is the result of two years of joint work of an international team of scientists from Russia, Bulgaria and Slovakia on the top...

Adriana Ferencikova.
Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788022418003.
Slovak dialectology, as one of the many scientific and many linguistic disciplines, cannot complain about a lack of hidden treasures. On a small piece...
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