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Zaicek M., Kalinova A., Hlavackova P. (ed.).
Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788097234157.

Gazovicova N.
Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788057002888.

Kusa A.
Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788080592189.
The book is dedicated to the art of socialist realism at the time of its onset and the hardest Stalinist period of the 50s, the so-called sorela. The ...

Sturdikova J.
Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788097234140.
Warehouses, schools, apartments or even gyms? The photographic publication maps our dilapidated mansions in Slovakia and divides them into categories ...

Murin G.
Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788056905470.
Crime investigators' work is a long-distance run. At times, they come across unexpected testimonies directly from the perpetrators of mafia crimes fro...

Papac R.
Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788097312015.
Even ancient court cases have their charm. In the Archives of the City of Kosice, interesting events that took place in Kosice more than 400 years ago...

Kalin Todorov.
Sofiia: 2020. ISBN 9786190106777.
This book tries to answer the question "How did the mafia steal Bulgaria?". It is the last of the trilogy, including "Behind the Curtain of Soc" and "...

Kalin Todorov.
Sofiia: 2019. ISBN 9786190105299.
One of the most tenacious mantras of the Transition is that we, the children of the Politburo, run the country. (My father is Stanko Todorov, a longti...

Georgiev A., Tr'nkova D., Lozanov G., Gruev M.
Sofiia: 2020. ISBN 9786199131237.

T.2: Sofiia: 2020. ISBN 9789543192427.
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