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Ivanickova E., Reznik M.
Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788022417839.

Hasanova J., Simonova J., Marczyova K., Medelsky J., Pivacek M.
Bratislava: 2020. ISBN 9788073808013.

Horvath T.
Bratislava: 2020. ISBN 9788022417990.
The number of studies of the interpretation of individual literary texts, especially in relation to textual invariant - t. j. against their genre back...

Smihula D.
Bratislava: 2020. ISBN 9788020618511.
History contains a number of circumvented episodes, characters and mysteries. In the presented collection we will move freely from battle plans to pri...

Varackova М.
Bratislava: 2020. ISBN 9788055645841.
The new novel by Mirka Varackova, one of the most successful authors of Slovak young adult literature, winner of the Panta Rhei Awards for the Youth B...

Brestenska K.
Bratislava: 2020. ISBN 9788022022101.
The young Slovak author Brestenska K. gained great popularity with her trilogy from medieval England. She also remained faithful to the Middle Ages in...

Cervenak J.
Bratislava: 2020. ISBN 9788082010681.
The book contains the novel The Gate of Ghosts (in a slightly different form it was once published as a sequel to Pevnost magazine), the short story T...

Bodnarova J.
Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788081510816.

Bratislava: 2020. ISBN 9788089913527.
How do today's important Slovaks and Czechs perceive and feel friendship? Read happy, sad and maybe even touching confessions of different authors.

Riskova L. (ed.).
Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788022417983.
The edition of four volumes of Bohuslav Tablic's Poetry is, from the point of view of Slovak textuology and literary history, a unique editorial act b...

Kazmerova L.
Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788022417495.
The publication presents the activity of one of the many teachers who, in the context of the time, created education in Slovakia with their work. Joze...

Hudek A., Soltes P., et al.
Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788022417785.
To understand the development of any modern society, it is necessary to know its political, economic, intellectual and cultural elites. Without scient...

Julius Hauser.
Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788057004141.
The total scope of the dictionary is more than 80,000 entries. In addition to the basic vocabulary, it also contains the optimum of technical terms fr...

Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788081613418.

Ivana Havranova.
Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788056903476.
People who live in this faith talk about God and faith. Actress Eva Pavlikova, historian Ivan Laluha, artist Jakub Ursini, composer Martin Sarvas, dir...

Karol Moravcik, Jaroslav Rindos (ed.).
Bratislava: 2020. ISBN 9788089913510.
In 2016, Pope Francis published the document Amoris laetitia, or the Joy of Love, devoted to the pressing issues of marriage and the family. Many peop...

Marcela Gburova.
Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788022417662.
There is a lot of professional literature on the modernization ideas of Slovak society that Ludovit Stur had in the fields of political science, cultu...

Vladimir Palko.
Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788089994151.
Could the Nuremberg Trials take place today? Which ideology won the Cold War? Did you know that communism was born in Brussels? How did communist ideo...

Peter Jurcovic.
Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788055166681.
The book by the prominent Slovak meteorologist Petr Jurcovic not only processes, but also explains the origin of weather lore related to individual da...

Zuzana Benuskova, Jana Kucbelova, Peter Brenkus.
Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788055166698.

Ondrej Ficeri.
Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788022417372.
In the period between the two world wars, the traditionally linguistically and culturally heterogeneous city of Kosice was for the first time annexed ...

Teodor Munz.
Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788089913442.
The work of an important Slovak philosopher PhDr. Teodor Munz, CSc belongs in the field of philosophical anthropology. It deals with the very topical ...

Frantisek Novosad.
Bratislava: 2020. ISBN 9788082000576.
We are a mystery to ourselves. This book discusses how the mystery of human existence is solved by philosophy, both historically and systematically. I...

Anton Uherik.
Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788097231378.
The author of the book draws on the unquestionable fact that man is a human genius with such a cognitive and creative potential that has enabled him a...

Iveta Valentova.
Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788089607693.
The publication contains a concept of book and digital lexicographic and areal processing of appellative and proprietary lexic of Slovak and Slovak ad...

Adriana Ferencikova.
Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788022418003.
Slovak dialectology, as one of the many scientific and many linguistic disciplines, cannot complain about a lack of hidden treasures. On a small piece...

Irina Sedakova, Peter Zenuch, Mariya Kitanova et al.
Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788022417967.
The collective monograph is the result of two years of joint work of an international team of scientists from Russia, Bulgaria and Slovakia on the top...

Bartok Bela.
1, 2, 3: Bratislava: 2020. ISBN 9788089427444.
The collective edition of Slovak folk songs by Bela Bartok in four volumes has the ambition to complete the almost century-old process of preparation,...

Darina Mudra.
Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788022417426.
The [book...] is a work of primarily source character and the first of its kind in our country. It is based in its entirety on the data of canonical v...

Robert Sebesta.
Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788081950513.
The author subjects all records of the produced basset horns in Schollnast's books to a thorough analysis. The result is a detailed and comprehensive ...

Alexander Albrecht, Vladimir Godar (ed.).
Bratislava: 2018. ISBN 9790685030232.
Alexander Albrecht's songs document not only his personal development from a children's composition inspired by classicist or early romantic songs to ...

Andrej Stafura, Martin Culik, Stefan Nagy.
Bratislava: 2018. ISBN 9788097254117.
The book is a fully bilingual interdisciplinary scientific monograph. It contains knowledge about the influence of individual woody plants, individual...

Blaho Uhlar .
Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788081900334.
The book contains thirteen dramatic texts, which arose from more than thirty years of cooperation between the most important personality of Slovak ind...

Karol Misovic.
Bratislava: 2020. ISBN 9788056904589.
Sona Valentova (1946), a leading representative of lyrical characters, fragile women, but also passionate fateful dominatrixes. In the Slovak National...

Bratislava: 2018. ISBN 9788097042059.
The proceedings consists of a set of papers from the 18th Czech-Slovak Filmological Conference, which took place from 12 to 15 October 2017 in Krpacov...

Koskova M.
III: Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788022417556.
The third volume of the monumental Bulgarian-Slovak dictionary, prepared by Maria Koskova, our leading expert on the Bulgarian language, employed in t...

Matejov F.
Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788089607761.
Lessons In/From poetry synecdochically deals with Slovak poetry of the second half of the XXth century - in terms of regenerations and necrosis, ascet...

Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788081191220.
A selection from literary-critical texts published in magazines and on the web in 2018. It was compiled by the literary scientist Vladimir Barborik. I...

Drabik J.
Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788081597817.
In his book, historian Jakub Drabik explains what fascism really is, how to define it, who can be described as a fascist, how fascism manifests itself...

Balaz A.
Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788056905791.
Drawing on archives, period literature, and memories of artists and ladies of the oldest profession, the author revives Bratislava's Vydrica, original...

Adamove N.
Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788097211295.
In the past, the profession of a blacksmith in a rural environment was respected and highly valued. Often one family of blacksmiths worked in the same...

Kotian R., Stulajter I.
Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788082010612.
A book by journalists Robert Kotian and Ivan Stulajter about what has been happening in Slovakia since 1989. Interviews with the most interesting figu...

Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788055642123.
President Vaclav Havel's decision of January 1, 1990 to amnesty more than 21,000 convicts in Czechoslovak prisons was a major revolutionary milestone ...

Fila J. (ed.).
Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788055904993.
Historians, journalists and direct participants in the 1989 Velvet Revolution tell the story of 1989. It is a complete mosaic of events of the gentle ...

Palko V., Sudor K.
Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788099925107.
Dialogue between people with completely different views often does not do without blaming, ridicule or mutual attacks. Conservatives do not understand...

Hrubon A.
Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788081597619.
Nothing can tell more eloquently about the regime of Hlinka's Slovak People's Party than the authentic sources he left behind. The annotated "primer" ...

Balaz A.
Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788056904251.
A narration of the author's personal encounters with two prominent figures in our recent history, who embody two opposing forms of Slovak destiny. He ...

Poliacik M.
Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788099941060.
A bearded hipster and a liberal do-gooder? If you think you know [politician] Martin Poliacik, this book will convince you otherwise. The interview wi...

Pauhofova I. et al.
III: Bratislava: 2018. ISBN 9788071442905.
The ambition of the third book that analyzes the context of income polarization in Slovakia, is to contribute to the expansion of knowledge in the are...

Ing. Karol Morvay, PhD.
Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788071443001.
Every year since 1993, the team from the Institute of Economics of the Slovak Academy of Sciences has been preparing its analytical and evaluation vie...
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