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Karabanov A.K. (ed.).
1: Minsk: 2019.
It was founded in 1996 as a collection of scientific papers. In 2018, converted to a magazine. The journal is placed in the bibliographic database o...

Kazlova S.L.
Minsk: 2019. ISBN 978-985-7210-19-0.
Monograph based on the basis of source rich body Archival which are first introduced into the scientific circulation. The book comprehensively analyze...

Pal'chik G.V. i dr. (ed.).
Vypusk 21: :Minsk: 2019.
The collection of scientific papers includes articles by researchers reflecting the legal aspects of public administration (forecasting law enforcemen...

Lovkis Z.V. i dr. (ed.).
Minsk: 2019. ISBN 978-985-7224-76-0.
The book covers the following issues: Nutrition as a component of human health. Medical, social and spiritual aspects of proper nutrition of the popul...

Kotliarov I.V. i dr. (ed.).
Vypusk 10: Minsk: 2019.
The journal publishes articles by sociologists from Belarus and other countries on topical issues of social development, social theory, methodology an...

Likhadzedau U.A.
Minsk: 2019. ISBN 978-985-575-181-7.
The next book of the famous historian and collector Vladimir Likhodedov is dedicated to Grodno. A unique collection of original photographs and postca...

Likhadzedau U.A.
Minsk: 2019. ISBN 978-985-575-223-4.
The next book by the well-known Belarusian historian and collector Vladimir Lihodedov - is about Slonim. The earliest record is of a wooden fort on th...

Prakapovich I.M.
Minsk: 2019. ISBN 978-985-01-1323-8.
Journey introduces the most interesting places, as well as famous people of the Postavy district. Most of the objects are unknown or little-known plac...

CHyhryn S.M.
Kniha 2: Minsk: 2019.
This publication (Book 2) presents a kind of historical mosaic of Slonimschina where organically past and present intertwined.

CHyhryn S.M.
Minsk: 2019. ISBN 978-985-01-1317-7.
The author sends the reader on a journey through time. He introduces the past and present of Slonim and its environs. Photos and drawings make it poss...
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