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John J. Collins, Ananda Geyser-Fouche (ed.).
Volume 130: Leiden: 2019. ISBN 9789004410725.
This volume contains 17 essays on the subjects of text, canon, and scribal practice. The volume is introduced by an overview of the Qumran evidence fo...

Mauro Perani (ed.).
Volume 59: Leiden, Boston : 2019. ISBN 9789004415607.
The Ancient Sefer Torah of Bologna: Features and History contains studies on the most ancient, complete Pentateuch scroll known to date. It was consid...

Merav Rosenfeld-hadad.
Volume 66: Leiden, Boston: 2019. ISBN 9789004412620.
In Judaism and Islam One God One Music, Merav Rosenfeld-Hadad offers the first substantial study of the history and nature of the Jewish Paraliturgica...

Barbara Thompson .
Seattle: 2008. ISBN 9780295987712.
Explorations of contemporary art have focused on issues of identity and race for some time. Few, however, have sought to investigate these themes by j...

Yannis Hadjinicolaou .
Volume 15: Leiden, Boston : 2019. ISBN 9789004410374.
Thinking Bodies - Shaping Hands focuses on the critical as well as historical dimension of the handling of the brush and of the resulting appearance o...

Keren Zdafee.
Volume 13: Leiden, Boston : 2019. ISBN 9789004410374.
The Egyptian caricature is generally studied as part of Egyptian mass culture, and mainly discussed in the context of Egypt's anti-colonial resistance...

Tomasz Malec.
Milan: 2015. ISBN 9788854884205.
The book contains very valuable information and presents the results of intense interdisciplinary research on the Jewish urban space, exploring the Je...

James F. Jereb.
London: 2015. ISBN 9780500278307.
The spectacular arts and crafts of Morocco reflect a timeless mingling of influences from Moorish Spain, sub-Saharan Africa, and the Middle East - all...

Christian Berger (ed.).
Volume 2: Leiden, Boston : 2019. ISBN 9789004372832.
Conceptualism and Materiality. Matters of Art and Politics underscores the significance of materials and materiality within Conceptual art and concept...

Kaspar Thormod.
Volume 29: Leiden, Boston : 2019. ISBN 9789004394209.
In Artistic Reconfigurations of Rome Kaspar Thormod examines how visions of Rome manifest themselves in artworks produced by international artists who...
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