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Lere Amusan .
Washington, D.C.: 2020. ISBN 9781680530902.
Offers an analyses of the causes, nature, and changing patterns of armed conflict in Africa as well as the reasons for these patterns. The book also s...

Lere Amusan, Isiaka Alani Badmus.
Washington, D.C.: 2020. ISBN 9781680530919.
An emerging generation of African scholars examines specific states in Africa where instability is the order of the day. Considerations of African ins...

Onianwa Oluchukwu Ignatus.
Washington, D.C.: 2020. ISBN 9781680531015.
In this intriguing book, Onianwa Oluchukwu Ignatus investigates Britain's decision to engage the Royal Air Force (RAF) in the relief operations during...

Nwankwo Nwaezeigwe .
Washington, D.C.: 2020. ISBN 9781680531107.
Combines a critical analysis of Nigeria's nationality problem and a brutal personal account of how the author was placed under a fatwa for speaking ou...

Innocent Chirisa.
Washington, D.C.: 2020. ISBN 9781680531978.
Examines the nexus between housing and stewardship in peri-urban areas outside of Harare, Zimbabwe. Housing in Zimbabwe explores the factors that shap...

Juliette Suliy Bunyuy .
Washington, D.C.: 2020. ISBN 9781680531237.
Globalization is posing enormous challenges to development efforts in many African countries. This book asks whether African stock exchange might beco...

Michelle Obama .
New York : 2018. ISBN 9781524763138.
In a life filled with meaning and accomplishment, Michelle Obama has emerged as one of the most iconic and compelling women of our era. As First Lady ...

Barack Obama.
New York : 2020. ISBN 9781524763169.
n the stirring, the highly anticipated first volume of his presidential memoirs, Barack Obama tells the story of his improbable odyssey from a young m...

Uskov A., Novikova N., Lukasheva O., et al.
Yelm: Smolensk: 2020. ISBN 978-1-62174-139-8 .
Review on regional economy using Smolensk Region as an example.

Rabbi Yehoshua Berman.
New York : 2020. ISBN 9789659285501.
Let’s face it. It isn’t always easy to engage people in the parsha, particularly when those sitting around the table include children of varying ages....
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