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Gerhard Seibert .
Melton, Woodbridge, Suffolk: 2019. ISBN 9781847011954.
When Lula da Silva became President of Brazil in 2003 he declared Africa a priority of his country's ambitious global foreign policy. During his presi...

Stephen Emerson .
Barnsley: 2019. ISBN 9781526728494.
As the Cold War raged on in the 1970s and 1980s, much of southern Africa, from Angola to Mozambique, became caught up in the superpower competition as...

Andrew Sardanis.
London: 2019. ISBN 9781350133891.
On 24 October 1964, the Republic of Zambia was formed, replacing the territory which had formerly been known as Northern Rhodesia. Fifty years on, And...

Roger Southall.
Melton, Woodbridge, Suffolk: 2016. ISBN 9781847011435.
The "rise of the black middle class" is one of the most visible aspects of post-apartheid society in South Africa. Yet while it has been a major actor...

Britteney Black Rose Kapri .
Chicago: 2018. ISBN 9781608469529.
Black Queer Hoe is a refreshing, unapologetic intervention into ongoing conversations about the line between sexual freedom and sexual exploitation. W...

Korydon H. Smith, Toma Berlanda.
Chicago, IL: 2018. ISBN 9781682260623.
Rwanda, less than a generation removed from the 1994 Genocide, is experiencing a period of economic ascent and population growth. Its capital city, Ki...

Timothy Duffy .
Chapel Hill, North Carolina: 2019. ISBN 9781469651699.
Features photographs, biographies, interviews, and lyrics from sixty-six real and rooted originals such as Beverly "Guitar" Watkins, Cootie Stark, Mud...

Bill Egan .
Jefferson, North Carolina: 2019. ISBN 9781476677958.
Provides the only comprehensive history of more than 350 African American entertainers in Australia and New Zealand between European settlement in Aus...

Keith Somerville.
London: 2020. ISBN 9781787382220.
Half of Tanzania's elephants have been killed for their ivory since 2007. A similar alarming story can be told of the herds in northern Mozambique and...

Antoinette Handley.
Cambridge : 2020. ISBN 9781108445030.
Much of the time, when confronted with a crisis of national dimensions, businesses do exactly what we expect them to do: they look to their own surviv...
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