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Lawrence Chipao.
Mzuzu: 2017. ISBN 9789996096891.

John A. Ryan.
Mzuzu: 2016. ISBN 9789996027017.
"Science and Spirituality" is an attempt to highlight the spiritual potential within the recent and on-going discoveries in both the science of the qu...

Klaus Fiedler.
Mzuzu: 2016. ISBN 9789996096846.
Klaus Fiedler is Professor of Theology and Religious Studies at Mzuzu University. He specializes in Church History and Missiology. He started publishi...

Tito Banda.
Mzuzu: 2017. ISBN 9789996060328.
Reading these tales from Northern Malawi readers come close to watching an original performance and the tales and the songs encapsulate the essence of...

Moses Mlenga.
# 20: Mzuzu: 2016. ISBN 9789996045097.
The early missionaries brought Christianity from the monogamous West to the polygamous societies of Africa. Were the missionaries right in demanding t...

Rachel Nyagondwe, Johannes W Hofmeyr, Klaus Fiedler.
Luwinga: 2016. ISBN 9789996045202.
This book has six chapters: The first Chapter deals with a brief history on the genesis of African Feminist theologies as an 'irruption within an irru...

Ulf Strohbehn.
Mzuzu: 2016. ISBN 9789996045165.
This book presents an African Christian movement full of vitality and creativity. The reader will meet believers who drink milk so that they may dream...

Ulf Strohbehn.
Zomba, Malawi: 2005. ISBN 9789990876253.
Pentecostalism and the commonly known ‘charismatic’ churches create an unavoidable buzz in contemporary Malawi, which now boasts over 200 Pentecostal ...

Joyce Mlenga.
Malawi: 2016. ISBN 9789996045073.
Over a century much of Africa south of the Sahara embraced the Christian religion. Malawi, where 80% of the population identify as Christian is no exc...

John A. Ryan.
Malawi: 2017. ISBN 9789996060304.
Science, Spirituality and Evolution is an attempt to highlight the spiritual potential within the recent and on-going discoveries in both the science ...
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