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George Shepperson.
Lilongwe : 2020. ISBN 9789996066269.
Independent African, first published in 1958, is still one of the few serious attempts to write a history of an African Rising against European rule s...

Kenneth R. Ross.
Lilongwe : 2020. ISBN 9789996066344.
More than twenty years have passed since this book was first published yet its themes remain vital for understanding the way in which Christian faith ...

Timwa Lipenga.
Lilongwe: 2019. ISBN 9789996097911.
You hold in your hands the untold story of a woman who shaped Malawi's history. Rose Chibambo, whose original name 'Lomathinda' means 'snatched from t...

Asbjorn Eidhammer.
Lilongwe: 2017. ISBN 9789996097904.
This book traces the origins and historical background of the Malawi we meet today. Progress, constraints and setbacks in political, economic, social ...

Harry Kambwiri Matecheta.
Lilongwe: 2020. ISBN 9789996066580.
When he was ordained in 1911, the Reverend Harry Kambwiri Matecheta became the first Malawian Presbyterian minister. Forty years later when he publish...

James N. Amanze (ed.).
Mzuzu : 2020. ISBN 9789996060809.
This book is about people with disabilities (PWDs) and the extraordinary talents they have that can contribute towards the world economy generally and...

Matembo S. Nzunda (ed.).
Volume 8: Malawi: 2020. ISBN 9789996066542.
The year 2020 began in Malawi with a moment of high political drama. On 3 February, the Constitutional Court declared the Presidential election of May...

Janet Kholowa, Klaus Fiedler.
Malawi: 2020. ISBN 9789996066405.
The right of women to preach in church is a contentious issue in a number of churches in Malawi. Where women are not allowed to preach, usually refere...

Janet Kholowa, Klaus Fiedler.
Malawi: 2020. ISBN 9789996066382.
In Malawi and probably in other parts of Africa, many Christians believe that God created man and women unequal, the (male) man first, and then the wo...

Patrick Makondesa.
Malawi: 2020. ISBN 9789996066443.
Rev Leonard Muocha was, from 1971 till 1987, the leader of the African Baptist Assembly, much better known as Providence Industrial Mission (PIM). Thi...

Steve Chimombo.
Malawi: 2020. ISBN 9789996066160.
Steve Chimombo was born and died in Zomba leaving his wife, daughter, two sons, and five grandchildren. He was educated in Malawi, Wales, England, and...

Jonathan Nkhoma.
Mzuzu: 2020. ISBN 9789996060724.
The first two essays in this book examine the biblical and philosophical basis for mission in the post-modern world, emphasising the experiential qual...

Mzee Hermann Yokoniah Mvula.
Zomba: 2020. ISBN 9789996025334.
This book argues for the use of Old Testament ethical principles in entrenching constitutionalism in democratic Malawi. This posture is against the ba...

Chimwemwe Kalalo.
Mzuzu : 2020. ISBN 9789996045059.
Although research shows that a great percentage of the Malawian population is quite knowledgeable about HIV/Aids transmission and prevention, the epid...

Handwell Yotamu Hara.
Volume 5: Malawi: 2019. ISBN 9789996060700.
Handwell Yotamu Hara (*1942) was an ordinary boy from a village in Mzimba in Malawi. Though his parents were illiterate he was inspired through educat...

Kenneth R. Ross (ed.).
Mzuzu: 2020. ISBN 9789996060786.
With the death of John McCracken in 2017, Malawi lost a pre-eminent historian. This book celebrates McCracken’s contribution to the study of Malawi’s ...

Eric Lindland.
Mzuzu: 2020. ISBN 9789996060410.
Combining history, ethnography, and culture theory, this book explores how residents in northwestern Malawi have responded over time to the early miss...

Bonet Kamwela.
Mzuzu: 2020. ISBN 9789996066245.
This study focusses on the traditional belief of the district of Mzimba, which is situated in the northern part of Malawi. Women who reach menopause w...

James N Amanze, Maake Masango, Chitando Ezra (eds.) .
Book 2: Mzuzu: 2019. ISBN 9789996060762.
This book is a result of a joint conference, which was held from 18th-22nd July 2017 under the theme Religion, Citizenship and Development - Southern ...

James N Amanze, Maake Masango, Chitando Ezra (eds.) .
Book 1: Mzuzu: 2019. ISBN 9789996060380.
This book is a result of a joint conference, which was held from 18th-22nd July 2017 under the theme Religion, Citizenship and Development - Southern ...

Melvin E. Page.
Malawi: 2019. ISBN 9789996066375.
Can an African soldier be loyal to his British regiment and stay true to his own society and its beliefs? Juma Chimwere believes he must! Distinguishe...

Joseph Andrew Thipa.
Malawi: 2019. ISBN 9789990802559.
Joseph Andrew Thipa is a lecturer of Systematic Theology and Christian Ethics at Chancellor College, University of Malawi. This study is a critical in...

Hubert Reijnaerts, Ann Nielsen, Matthew Schoffeleers.
Volume 5: Malawi: 2019. ISBN 9789996060519.
A common misconception found in popular, and even some scholarly, literature is that "the missionaries" are a homogeneous category about whom it is ea...

Molly Longwe.
Malawi: 2019. ISBN 9789996066221.
This book presents a story of the experiences of being church of the pastors’ wives within the Baptist Convention of Malawi (BACOMA). Formed in 1970 o...

Volker Glissmann.
Malawi: 2019. ISBN 9789996060601.
Volker Glissmann is an Old Testament Biblical scholar and Theological Educator. He earned his PhD in Old Testament studies from Queen's University in ...

Rodney Schofield.
Malawi: 2018. ISBN 9789996066283.
Sursum Corda describes highlights from the author's missionary experience in Africa, where he taught Anglican seminarians in Lesotho in the 1980s and ...

Cecilia Mzumara.
Malawi: 2019. ISBN 9789996098147.
This book outlines the contribution of the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception (MIC Sisters) towards girl child education in Malawi with p...

Silas S. Ncozana.
Volume 1: Malawi: 2019. ISBN 9789996098284.
Possibly the most outstanding Malawian church leader of the 1960s and 1970s was the Very Reverend Jonathan Sangaya, General Secretary of the Church of...

David K Mphande.
Malawi: 2019. ISBN 9789996098246.
Proverbs are the Wisdom and Philosophy of the Tonga People, who live on the North Western shores of Lake Malawi (the "Lakeside Tonga"), they serve as ...

Maximian Khisi.
Malawi: 2018. ISBN 9789996060625.
Maximian Khisi is a priest of the Catholic Archdiocese of Lilongwe, Malawi. The book provides an ecclesiological complementarity which promotes a univ...
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