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Steve Chimombo.
Mzuzu: 2021. ISBN 9789996066788.
Steve Chimombo (1945 - 2015) was a Malawian writer, poet, editor and teacher.

David S Bone.
Mzuzu: 2021. ISBN 9789996060908.
In Malawi, where Islam arrived before Christianity, a substantial minority of the population are Muslims and, in some areas, they form the majority. M...

Jonathan Nkhoma (ed.).
Mzuzu: 2021. ISBN 9789996060847.
The first four essays in Mission in Malawi reassess the meaning, nature and place of mission in a postmodern world. Subsequent essays examine various ...

Kenneth R. Ross.
Mzuzu: 2021. ISBN 9789996060663.
Poverty and underdevelopment continue to present a profound challenge globally. The United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals suggest that "Partne...

Klaus Fiedler, Kenneth R. Ross (eds.).
Mzuzu: 2021. ISBN 9789996060984.
This book assembles some of the best writing about Malawi's church history. Drawing on more than 50 years of scholarship, it brings together chapters ...

Timothy Kabulunga Nyasulu.
Zomba: 2021. ISBN 9789996025419.
For a long time, the church in Malawi has not taken an active role to address issues of witchcraft accusations. The failure among other things is poss...

Kenneth R. Ross, Mzee Hermann Yokoniah Mvula.
Zomba: 2021. ISBN 9789996053320.
A small piece of academic history was enacted when a National Theology Conference convened at Nkhoma Mission from 24 to 26 September 2020. Despite the...

Hany Longwe.
Mzuzu : 2021. ISBN 9789996066429.
"Kusadziwa Nkufa Komwe"(Lack of Knowledge is as Being Dead) is a Nyanja maxim, African Philosophy that is true the world over. A person who lacks know...

Lazarus Chilenje.
Mzuzu: 2021. ISBN 9789996060922.
The Ministry of Women in the church for has for a long time attracted scholarly attention. This book investigates Paul's Gender Theology in the book o...

Mark Thiesen.
Mzuzu: 2021. ISBN 9789996060342.
While a significant amount of scholars research has been on the history and theology of the mainline denominations in Malawi, and more recently on sma...
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