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Shimmer Chinodya.
Harare: 2012. ISBN 9781779221704.
Shimmer Chinodya was born in 1957 in Gweru. He studied English Literature and Education at the University of Zimbabwe. After a spell teaching and wit...

Mukuka Chipanta.
Harare: 2016. ISBN 9781779222978.
Mukuka Chipanta is an Aerospace Engineer and Program Manager currently residing in the Washington DC metro area with his lovely wife Sandra. Born in Z...

Gerald Kithinji.
Gweru, Zimbabwe: 2016. ISBN 9780797464681.

Elizabeth Coleman, Halima Mahomed.
Harare: 2016. ISBN 9781779223012.
Halima Mahomed is an independent consultant whose work focuses on research and advocacy to strengthen the narrative, knowledge, practice and impact of...

Nyongesa A.
Zimbabwe: 2018. ISBN 9780797494398.
Andrew Nyongesa is a Kenyan novelist and teacher with great passion for English language and literature. Some of his published works are Worms in the ...

Wadzanai Garwe, Farai Mpisaunga Mpofu, Nomsa Mwamuka.
Zimbabwe: 2018. ISBN 9781779223258.
Wadzanai Garwe is a development practitioner specializing in financial and economic analysis and management and assisting governments in designing com...

Fethi Sassi.
Zimbabwe: 2018. ISBN 9780797493353.
Fethi Sassi was born on the 1st of June 1962 in Nabul (Tunisia). He is a writer of prose poetry, short poems and haiku; translator of all his poems in...

Tendai Rinos Mwanaka.
Zimbabwe: 2018. ISBN 9780797494404.
"A Conversation…, A Contact" has 22 fiction pieces around themes to do with political struggle, love relationships, heartbreaks and the resulting brea...

David Harold-Barry.
Zimbabwe: 2018. ISBN 9781779223401.
Beyond Appearances: Reflections on Principles and Practice is a collection of 121 articles written between 2005 and 2008 for The Zimbabwean. As the ti...

Tendai Rinos Mwanaka.
Volume 1: Zimbabwe: 2018. ISBN 9780797493346.
Africa, UK, and Ireland: Writing Politics and Knowledge Production comprises 6 scholarly/nonfiction essays, 7 short stories, 67 poems, and 2 plays fro...
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