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Le Roux, Elizabeth, Ndela, Mildred A.
Dakar: 2005. ISBN 9782869781573.
Studies in literature and religion are particularly vulnerable to accusations of subjectivity and bias, because by their very nature they deal with su...

Souleymane Bachir Diagne.
Dakar: 2016. ISBN 9782869787056.
What are the issues discussed today by African philosophers? Four important topics are identified here as important objects of philosophical reflectio...

Mamadou Diouf, Souleymane Bachir Diagne.
Dakar: 2016. ISBN 9782869787094.
This multidisciplinary work shows the movement today of academic research in social sciences in Senegal. La rencontre qui s’organise en ce livre de d...

Lazare Ki-Zerbo, Jean-Jacques N. Sene.
Dakar: 2016. ISBN 9782869785854.
Voici un livre majeur, un labeur collectif qui exhume les fondements historiques et qui scrute les perspectives futures de l’une des plus grandes av...

Issiaka-Prosper Laleye.
Dakar: 2015. ISBN 9782869786103.
Claiming its culture, demanding its right to cultural diversity, or proclaiming its membership of a group of believers and taking possession of the fl...
Revendiquer sa culture, exiger son droit à la diversité culturelle ou procla-mer son appartenance à un groupe de croyants et s’emparer ...

Ratemo Waya Michieka.
Dakar: 2016. ISBN 978-2-86978-642-4.
Trails in Academic and Administrative Leadership in Kenya provides a personal account of the experiences in higher education leadership from an indivi...

Jane Bennett, Sylvia Tamale.
Dakar: 2017. ISBN 9782869787124.
This collection comprises a diverse and stimulating collection of essays on questions of gender and sexualities, crafted by both established and young...

S. M. Kapunda, Project Muse.
Baltimore, Maryland; Dakar, Senegal: 2017. ISBN 978-2-86978-715-5.
The aim of this book is to provide comprehensive understanding of industrial economics and its applicability to African countries. The book is expecte...

Emily Achieng' Akuno, Donald Otoyo Ondieki, Peter Barasa.
Dakar: 2017. ISBN 978-2-86978-717-9.
The role of higher education in establishing structures and procedures in society and industry is clearly articulated in scholarly discussions. The na...

Elisio S. Macamo.
Dakar: 2017. ISBN 978-2-86978-719-3.
This book is about how extreme situations appearing to have a destructive potential can actually be used to produce meaningful individual and social l...
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