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Schemmel A.
Bamenda: 2016. ISBN 9789956763603.
Annette Schemmel provides a highly illuminating case study of the major actors, discourses and paradigm that shaped the history of visual arts in Came...

Omotoso F., Kehinde M.
Bamenda: 2016. ISBN 9781942876113.
The year 1999 was a watershed in the history of Nigeria as it witnessed the peaceful transfer of power from the military to the political class. Given...

Mawere M., Nhemachena A.
Bamenda: 2016. ISBN 9789956763641.
This volume interrogates the popularity of problematic theories in the study of Africa and Africans in the 21st century. The book provides ethnographi...

Mhango N.N.
Bamenda: 2016. ISBN 9789956764723.
Africa’s Best and Worst Presidents seeks to deconstruct the current superstructure that colonialism created and maintains. It chastises and challenges...

Gwaibi N.
Bamenda: 2016. ISBN 9789956763917.
This book explores how policies of decentralisation and community participation adopted in Cameroon in 1996 have played out on the ground since 2004. ...

Fochang B.
Bamenda: 2015. ISBN 9781942876014.
Among the Igbo, Chinua Achebe reminds us, proverbs are the palm oil with which words are eaten. This is true of the Igbo as it is for most peoples acr...

Yanou, Michael A.
Bamenda: 2015. ISBN 9789956792597.
This book, the first of its kind on Anglophone Cameroon, brings significant local context into the practice of law particularly at a juncture when civ...

Anyangwe, Carlson.
Bamenda: 2015. ISBN 9789956762781.
This is a comprehensive, insightful, lucid, intense and unrivalled text on the general part of the criminal law in Cameroon. Beginning with an account...

Munyaradzi Mawere, Tapuwa R. Mubaya.
Bamenda: 2016. ISBN 9789956763726.
This book serves as a drive and medium for constructive analysis, critical thinking, and informed change in the broad area of cultural heritage studie...

Lughano Mwangwegho.
Bamenda: 2016. ISBN 9789956763320.
As memorable for the beauty of his descriptions as for his poetic vision, in these poems Mwangwegho captures the tenderness of Malawi and the fragilit...

Peter Takov, Mbih J Tosam.
Bamenda: 2016. ISBN 9789956763665.
This book explores the symbiotic relationship between philosophy and culture. Every philosophy emerges as a reaction to, or as justification for a par...

Ba'bila Mutia.
Bamenda: 2016. ISBN 9781942876090.
When Akuma, a youthful African government secondary school teacher, leaves his hometown and goes to the capital city, he hardly knows that he will be ...

Kathryn Toure.
Bamenda: 2016. ISBN 9789956764969.
Teachers, through their pedagogical appropriation of information and communication technology (ICT) are sometimes bewildered as if in the middle of a ...

Ike Umejesi.
Bamenda: 2016. ISBN 9781942876137.
Recently widowed, Angelina Ibe, a smart, evangelical Christian and school teacher goes on an early morning evangelising mission and intentionally kill...

Peter Wuteh Vakunta.
Bamenda: 2016. ISBN 9789956763047.
This study teases out the nexus between text typologies and translational paradigms. Camfranglais fictional works are not canonical texts; rather they...

Nkwazi Nkuzi Mhango.
Bamenda: 2017. ISBN 9789956762118.
There are milliards of off beam assumptions that Africa will always remain immobile in development of whatever type. This pseudo take has mainly been ...

Munyaradzi Mawere, Tapuwa Raymond Mubaya.
Bamenda: 2017. ISBN 9789956762224.
For a long time, African Studies as a discipline has been spearheaded by academics and institutions in the Global North. This puts African Studies on ...

Munyaradzi Mawere, Artwell Nhemachena.
Bamenda: 2017. ISBN 9789956762811.
This is a book on the state of social anthropology as an academic discipline in contemporary Zimbabwe. The authors are frustrated and disheartened by ...

Munyaradzi Mawere, Artwell Nhemachena.
Bamenda: 2017. ISBN 9789956762354.
Despite sustained continental and national struggles for autonomy, sovereignty and independence in postcolonial Africa, the continent is increasingly ...

Tendai Rinos Mwanaka.
Bamenda: 2017. ISBN 9789956762101.
This book comprises 19 creative non-fiction pieces and essays centred around the topics of language, thought, art and existence seen through the prism...

Manase Chiweshe.
Bamenda: 2017. ISBN 9789956762941.
This book weaves together a rich tapestry on football fandom in Zimbabwe. Based on empirical research focusing on the different dimensions of fan prac...

Harvey C. Chidoba Banda.
Bamenda: 2017. ISBN 9789956762231.
Labour migration from Malawi to South Africa is a ‘century-old phenomenon’. It dates as far back as the 1880s following the establishment of diamond a...

Lawrence Meda, Alfred H. Makura.
Bamenda: 2017. ISBN 9789956762477.
The book consists of novel and empirical research in broad areas of technology and curriculum in selected African countries. The central theme of the ...

Tendai Rinos Mwanaka, Daniel da Purificaсao.
Bamenda: 2017. ISBN 9789956764891.
Best New African Poets 2016 Anthology has 251 pieces from 131 poets and artists in 7 languages (English, Portuguese, French, Afrikaans, Shona, Yoruba ...

Yanyin Zi.
Bamenda: 2017. ISBN 9789956764419.
For centuries the continent of Africa has been characterised by negative images such as poverty, disease and conflicts. Today, however, the People’s R...

Alain-Joseph Sissao, Nina Tanti.
Bamenda: 2010. ISBN 9789956616558.
The Moogo, the region of the Moose - known as "Mossi" in ancient literature-occupies the entire central zone of Burkina Faso. It is divided into sever...

Munyaradzi Mawere, Mirjam van Reisen.
Bamenda: 2017. ISBN 9789956764877.
This book revisits the human trafficking crisis that first emerged in the Sinai at the end of 2008 and examines the expansion of human trafficking of ...

Vivian S Yenika-Agbaw.
Bamenda: 2009. ISBN 9789956615490.
Twelve-year-old Bridget and her friends are excited when they get admitted into one of the most prestigious boarding secondary schools in Kumba, Camer...

Kefen Budji.
Bamenda: 2015. ISBN 9781942876021.
When strangers invade her village in 1910, young princess Samarah's knowledge of English unwittingly contributes to her capture. Forced into a life of...

Artwell Nhemachena, Munyaradzi Mawere.
Bamenda: 2017. ISBN 978-9956-7640-8-2.
This volume interrogates and theorises various forms of fundamentalism and fetishism that impinge on Africa and the African people. The book valiantly...
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