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Rewai Makamani, Artwell Nhemachena, Oliver Mtapuri.
Bamenda: 2021. ISBN 9789956551804.
What happens at the interface between Afrocentricity and COVID-19 is cause for wonder in a world that is anxious to short circuit global solidarity by...

Paul Nchoji Nkwi.
Bamenda: 2021. ISBN 9789956551927.
This book documents key features in the life of the father of anthropology in Cameroon, Professor Paul Nchoji Nkwi. The conversations within these pag...

Mitsugi Endo, Michael Neocosmos.
Bamenda : 2021. ISBN 9789956551682.
This volume addresses two primary research concerns: first, considering extraversion (or extroversion) as a term for characterizing a region that is "...

Michael Kpughe Lang.
Bamenda: 2020. ISBN 9789956551422.
This book examines women's participation in the executive structures of the Basel Mission and Presbyterian Church in Cameroon in order to tell a new s...

Takehiko Ochiai, Misa Hirano-Nomoto, Daniel E. Agbiboa.
Bamenda : 2021. ISBN 9789956551675.
The term 'African Potentials' refers to the knowledge, systems, practices, ideas and values created and implemented in African societies that are expe...

Bill F. Ndi.
Bamenda: 2020. ISBN 9789956551187.
Dr. Bill F. Ndi, poet, playwright, storyteller, critic, translator & Fellow of The Booker T. Washington Leadership Institute is an American-Southern C...

Peter W. Vakunta.
Bamenda: 2020. ISBN 9789956551309.
Dr. Peter Wuteh Vakunta is a native of Bamunka-Ndop in the Northwest Region of the Republic of Cameroon. His education is global. Peter studied in Cam...

John W. Forje.
Bamenda: 2020. ISBN 9789956551897.
This provocative book on The Future of Africa addresses fundamental genealogical developmental challenges of vital concern to Africa's transformation ...

Jeannette Nelkem Londadjim.
Bamenda: 2020. ISBN 9789956551774.
A woman meets young people from various backgrounds – at a U.S. university. She is African, from Chad. The students, eager to learn about her life, as...

Vusumuzi R. Kumalo.
Bamenda: 2020. ISBN 9789956551538.
From Plough to Entrepreneurship is motivated largely by the fact that Africans were deprived of economic and political autonomy by white government in...
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