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Francis B. Nyamnjoh.
Mankon, Bamenda: 2016. ISBN 9789956763160.
This book on rights, entitlements and citizenship in post-apartheid South Africa shows how the playing field has not been as levelled as presumed by s...

Munyaradzi Mawere, Ngonidzashe Marongwe.
Mankon, Bamenda: 2016. ISBN 9789956763900.
The myths of peace and democracy in Africa are at the heart of this volume. Democracy and peace have become buzz words across postcolonial Africa. The...

Richard Kamidza.
Mankon, Bamenda: 2017. ISBN 978-9956-7623-4-7.
The book interrogates the European Union (EU) - Zimbabwe Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) negotiations, covering trade in goods, trade-related rul...

Christina Atekmangoh.
Mankon, Bamenda: 2017. ISBN 978-9956-7629-3-4.
This book is about transnational migration (familiarly called “bushfalling”) and remittance flows to Cameroon. With the current dire state of the econ...

Munyaradzi Mawere.
Mankon, Bamenda: 2017. ISBN 978-9956-7647-4-7.
How come Africa is so underdeveloped when it is one of the richest continents on earth? The present volume is an attempt to theorise Africa’s [under-]...

Francis B. Nyamnjoh.
Mankon, Bamenda: 2017. ISBN 978-9956-7646-5-5.
This book questions colonial and apartheid ideologies on being human and being African, ideologies that continue to shape how research is conceptualis...

Isaac N. Endeley.
Bamenda: 2013. ISBN 9789956728282.
During the 1990s, as the Internet in general and e-mail in particular grew in popularity as a means of communication, a number of Cameroonians residin...

Sam Moyo, Yoichi Mine.
Bamenda: 2016. ISBN 9789956763399.
As Julius Nyerere once noted, Africa has largely been the continent of peace, though this fact has not been widely publicised. In reality, Africa poss...

Chinyere Ukpokolo.
Bamenda: 2016. ISBN 9781942876076.
This book illuminates the complex and constantly shifting social and cultural dynamics that shape people's identity. Specifically, the volume focuses ...

Daniel da Purifacacao, Tendai R. Mwanaka.
Bamenda: 2015. ISBN 9789956763481.
Consisting of 214 poems and 79 poets, from over 23 African countries and the Diasporas, Best New African Poets 2015 Anthology: Poetry Progeria contain...
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