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Tendai R. Mwanaka, Ricardo Felix Rodriguez.
Volume 1: Mankon, Bamenda: 2017. ISBN 9789956764266.
This project come out from our need to harness voices in Africa and Latin America, giving these voices an opportunity to converse, argue, synthesize, ...

Harvey C. Chidoba Banda.
Mankon, Cameroon: 2016. ISBN 9789956763849.
This book makes a rare contribution towards the preservation and promotion of ukhaliro wa bene Malawi (Malawian culture) that is fast waning. This dil...

Munyaradzi Mawere, Ngonidzashe Marongwe.
Bamenda: 2016. ISBN 9789956763542.
This volume critically interrogates, from different angles and dimensions, the resilience of conflict and violence into 21st century Africa. The demis...

George Ngwane.
Bamenda: 2016. ISBN 9789956763085.
"Diary of a Dismissed Delegate" is the personal story of the trials and travails of George Ngwane as a civil servant in Cameroon. With documented evid...

Tendai Rinos Mwanaka, Edward Dzonze.
Volume 2: Mankon, Bamenda: 2017. ISBN 9789956763702.
Tendai. R. Mwanaka is a multi-disciplinary artist from Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe. His oeuvre of works touches on non-fictions, essays, poetry, plays, fict...

Munyaradzi Mawere.
Mankon, Bamenda: 2017. ISBN 9789956763115.
Poverty remains a thorny and topical challenge and research topic to scholars and researchers on African development. Scholars in the Global North hav...

Bill F. NDI.
Mankon, Bamenda: 2017. ISBN 9789956763825.
Peace Mongers is much more than a collection or book of poems. It is the concretization of an indefatigable crusade for peace through lyricism that eq...

Ekpe Inyang.
Mankon, Bamenda: 2017. ISBN 9789956763580.
"It Does Matter To Listen" is a collection of short anecdotal pieces of writings, spanning different subject areas—including politics, leadership and ...

Artwell Nhemachena, Jairos Kangira, Nelson Mlambo.
Mankon, Bamenda: 2017. ISBN 9789956763948.
Contemporary scholarly discourses about decolonising materialities are taking two noticeable trajectories, the first trajectory privileges establishin...

Tatah Mentan.
Mankon: 2016. ISBN 9789956763184.
Today's neoliberal imperialism crushes all unfavourable conditions through multiple forms of oppression to ensure the creation of a world in its own i...
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