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Musalia Mudavadi.
Nairobi: 2019. ISBN 9789966769961.
Musalia Mudavadi defies simple definitions and final conclusions. His complex character eludes placement in hackneyed pigeonholes and phraseology. Acc...

Naomi Kipuri.
Nairobi: 1983. ISBN 9789966461735.
Oral Literature of the Maasai offers an extensive collection of types of oral literature: oral narratives; proverbs; riddles; and a variety of songs f...

Matthew Njogu Karanja.
Matthinkmaps is the book in an age when no one wants to flip open a book. The mood of the book is not chocolatey but squeakily squelchingly squeamish...

Daniel Otwoma.
Nairobi : 2012. ISBN 9789966165381.
This book is primarily intended to serve as a textbook for social sciences studies in Kenyan universities and tertiary institutions who undertake poli...

Vincent Wasonga Matinde.
Nairobi: 2016.
This is a fictional novel based on an alternate history to the African colonization and independence tale. It features all of the author’s favourites:...

Walter Nyamori Masiga.
Nairobi: 2019.
In this inspiring book Dr. Walter Nyamori Masiga recounts his life not only as a scientist but as a football fan and official of the AFC Leopards Club...

Maina Kinyatti.
Kenya: 2019. ISBN 9781867886150.
This book is a contribution to the interpretation of Kenyan history, from the proletarian point of view. The book provides information on the people o...

Daniel Opande.
Kenya: 2019. ISBN 9789966564313.
Lieutenant General Daniel Opande, in his autobiography In Pursuit of Peace in Africa, shares his experiences in childhood, education, family and milit...

M. G. N. Kahende.
Kenya: 2019. ISBN 9789966564344.
M. G. N. Kahende was born and grew up in Nairobi, Kenya. He is a graduate of the University of Nairobi and Oxford University.

Alice Wairimu Nderitu.
Kenya: 2019. ISBN 9789966190321.
Story of the brave wife of one of Kenya’s foremost freedom fighters, Field Marshal Dedan Kimathi Waciuri. Kimathi led the Mau Mau war in Kenya’s indep...
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