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Abu Bakr Solomons.
Johannesburg : 2020. ISBN 9781990922497.
Abu Bakr Solomons worked as a teacher and principal for more than forty years in high schools and primary schools on the Cape Flats and continues to s...

Mike van Graan.
Johannesburg: 2020. ISBN 9781776145867.

Barbara Boswell.
Johannesburg: 2020. ISBN 9781776146185.

Kali Argyriadis (ed.).
Johannesburg: 2020. ISBN 9781776146338.
A history of Atlantic solidarity between Cuba and Africa, in struggle for African independence from colonial powers

Bongani Nyoka.
Johannesburg: 2020. ISBN 9781776145980.
This is a comprehensive treatment of Archie Mafeje as a thinker and researcher analyses his overall scholarship and his role as a theoretician of libe...

Waller B.
Cape Town: 2000. ISBN 9780702152085.
This manual has been developed for the majority of practising photographers and photojournalists in southern Africa. Most of the leading journalists f...

E. M. L. Strydom.
Cape Town: 2006. ISBN 9780702173202.

Gail Dendy.
Johannesburg: 2020. ISBN 9781990922480.
Gail Dendy was first published by Nobel Prize winner Harold Pinter and shared a poetry collection with Peabody Winner and Oscar Nominee Norman Corwin....

Chewe A.K.
Cape Town : 2020. ISBN 9781485135760.

Leslie J. Bank, Dorrit Posel, Francis Wilson (eds.).
Cape Town : 2020. ISBN 9780796925794.
Focuses on internal migrants and migration. The book cautions against a linear narrative of change and urban transition. It investigates urbanisation ...
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