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Moira Forjaz.
Johannesburg: 2019. ISBN 9781928232681.
When an elderly person dies, a library vanishes,” says a Mozambican proverb. Nowhere is this more poignant than in Ilha de Mozambique. There are centu...

Gerald Hinde, Will Taylor.
Randburg : 2018. ISBN 9780639947327.
The Big Seven are the most exciting, charismatic and, in some cases, dangerous of Africa\'s big game species. This book covers the lives of these anima...

Daniel Dolpire, David Allen.
Randburg: 2018. ISBN 9780639947334.
In September 2013, photographer Daniel Dolpire set off on a passionate odyssey that would consume the next five years of his life. The Sentinels - Cra...

 2019. ISBN 9781431428670.
Exhibiting the wonders of nature and the beauties of the African continent, The 30-Year Safari: A celebration of Getaway photography is an awe-inspiri...

van den berg.
Randburg: 2019. ISBN 9780639947372.
Wildlife photography is about thrill - the thrill of the chase, the thrill of capturing the perfect image, and the thrill of the experience. With Phot...

Robert Edgar , Luyanda ka Msumza (eds.).
Cape Town : 2018. ISBN 9781928246275.
A founding member of of the African National Congress (ANC) Youth League, A.P. Mda was known for his passionate advocacy of African nationalism and hi...

Andre Odendaal, Krish Reddy, A. Samson .
Volume 2: Cape Town: 2018. ISBN 9781928246169.
Explains how segregation and apartheid became entrenched in a unique way in cricket in South Africa between 1915 and the 1950s. Divided Country paints...

Peter T. Jacobs .
Cape Town: 2019. ISBN 9780796925329.
With more and more global economic wealth and power resting with fewer and fewer people, and given the acute land inequalities in the rural areas of A...

Zitha Mokomane, Benjamin Roberts, Jare Struwig et al.
Cape Town: 2019. ISBN 9780796925268.
There has been considerable controversy in South Africa in recent years over an apparent crisis of the family. To promote a better understanding of th...

Albie Sachs.
Cape Town: 2018. ISBN 9780620779593.
If a paternity test were done on widely admired South Africa?s constitution, whose DNA would come up? Is the Constitution just a beautiful piece of pa...
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