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Anthea Gardner .
Johannesburg: 2019. ISBN 9781868429707.
Do you dream of a future free of financial stress? One where you can afford to start your own business, travel or retire comfortably? In Make Your Mon...

Raymond Parsons .
Johannesburg : 2019. ISBN 9781431426188.
South Africa has entered a new era, with the country’s recently elected president, Cyril Ramaphosa, promising a ‘new dawn’. But will President Ramapho...

Marc Latilla, Yeshiel Panchia .
Cape Town: 2018. ISBN 9781775846178.
Johannesburg s rapid development is linked to the fabulous gold-rich deposits that lie beneath it. Here, in a fascinating series of photographic juxta...

Karin Pampallis, Edward Webster.
Book 2: Johannesburg : 2019. ISBN 9781928232520.
This is the life and times of Jabu Ndlovu—wife, mother, worker, union activist—who fought for the rights of her fellow workers and community members. ...

John Dugard .
Johannesburg: 2019. ISBN 9781431427352.
Most personal histories of apartheid in Southern Africa tell the story of the armed struggle. This book is about opposition to apartheid within the la...

Lionel Rogosin.
Johannesburg: 2004. ISBN 9781919855172.
Having already produced the widely acclaimed film, On the Bowery, about New York City’s skid row, Lionel Rogosin came to South Africa in the late 1950...

Ylva Rodny-Gumede, Mia Swart (eds.).
Cape Town: 2020. ISBN 9781775822783.
The Marikana Massacre remains a scar in the tissue of post-democratic South Africa. This book is a collection of chapters which give an authoritative ...

Vishnu Padayachee, Robert Van Niekerk.
Johannesburg: 2019. ISBN 9781776143955.
Exploring in detail the twists and turns of the African National Congress' economic and social policy-making during the transition era of the 1990s, t...

Tshivhase, A E ; Mpedi, L G ; Reddi, M.
Cape Town : 2019. ISBN 9781485133841.
Out of the 2015/16 nationwide student protest action has come the long-overdue challenge for academia to assess and reconsider critically the role aca...

Schwikkard, PJ ; Hoctor, S.
Cape Town: 2019. ISBN 9781485134787.
A Reasonable Man: Essays in honour of Jonathan Burchell is a collection of essays published in honour of Jonathan Burchell in recognition of his commi...
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