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Jacklyn Cock.
Johannesburg: 2018. ISBN 9781776141876.
Writing the Ancestral River is an illuminating and unusual biography of the Kowie River in the Eastern Cape. This tidal river runs through the centre ...

Sumaya Laher, Angelo Fynn, Sherianne Kramer (eds.).
Johannesburg: 2019. ISBN 9781776142750.
Social science researchers in the global South, and in South Africa particularly, utilise research methods in innovative ways in order to respond to c...

Marcus Byrne, Helen Lunn .
Johannesburg: 2019. ISBN 9781776142347.
In this sweeping history of more than 3 000 years, beginning with Ancient Egypt, scientist Marcus Byrne and writer, Helen Lunn capture the diversity o...

Moosa N., Dangor S.
Cape Town : 2019. ISBN 9781485127161.
Muslim Personal Law in South Africa: Evolution and Future Status, the first South African book on the topic of Muslim personal law, introduces readers...

Sandra Rowoldt Shell.
Cape Town: 2019. ISBN 9781775822769.
In this book, historian Sandra Rowoldt Shell traces the lives of 64 Oromo children who were enslaved in Abyssinia (old Ethiopia) in the late nineteent...

Baartman T.
Cape Town: 2019. ISBN 9781775822561.
The Cape of Good Hope was a Dutch settlement from 1652 until 1795. Throughout this period there were tensions between the Dutch East India Company (VO...

Peter Elliott.
Newlands: 2020. ISBN 9781658983273.
This book provide insight into an important period in the development of art at the Cape and the work of Nita Spilhaus.The period 1910 to 1930 was an ...

Anine Kriegler, Mark Shaw.
Johannesburg: 2016. ISBN 9781868427222.
Crime statistics do not belong to the government, academics, specialists, or the press. They are ours: we experience and report crimes and have a righ...

Gawie Botma.
Cape Town : 2019. ISBN 9781928480280.
This book makes a very significant, timely and relevant contribution to a very topical subject of immense local as well as global interest. Through tr...

Nina G. Jablonski .
Cape Town : 2020. ISBN 9781928480440.
This is the third and final group of essays emerging from the discussions of the Effects of Race Project at the Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced St...
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